Monday, June 8, 2009

REVIEW: Dark Protector by Alexis Morgan

Series: The Paladins


Laurel Young is the Handler for the Paladins, a doctor in charge of facilitating the process of the Paladins' revival into the world after they have been "killed". Stepping beyond the bounds of doctor-patient, she started to fall in love with one of her patients, Devlin Bane.

Devlin Bane has died too many times to count, and the one thing that brought him back from the edge was the sight of Laurel. However, the last time he was "killed", the one who'd wielded the sword was not an Other (from another world), but human. Who would want him dead? Why?


Laurel Young is a gutsy woman who goes for what she wants, and she wants Devlin. However, she's also a professional at heart, and as a doctor and scientist, she cares for her patients by going the extra mile. As each Paladin dies and is revived, they are also slowly being stripped of their humanity. Hence, when she noted that Devlin's progress seems to be slowing and stabilizing, she seeks to find the reason that the other Paladins may be helped.

Devlin Bane is masculine and protective of Laurel, and he knows early on that what he feels for the good doctor is not merely desire. However, I like how the author depicts this progression in a believable manner.

The tension between the two is smokin' hot, and I like Devlin's declaration of love--believable and sincere. I do wonder, though, why is it that heroes tend to be depicted as a playboy before they met the heroine. Does having a lot of women in the past equals being a good lover equals a bad boy image equals more women readers? *scratches head* Maybe the thought of seeing such a bad boy tamed by a worthy heroine drew women to the book. *shrugs* As for me, it doesn't matter, one way or the other. Here's a yummy, celibate hero that drew me just fine.

The pacing of the story is fine, as the romance is coupled with suspense and action. Suspense as to the villain, who might also target Laurel in a bid to draw Devlin out, and action as the Paladins fought with the Other. There's also a surprising twist at the end that I didn't see coming. I foresee inte
rspecies coupling.
Another thing I like was how the author avoided the "big misunderstanding" scene. Laurel is an intelligent young woman, being a doctor, and so of course, she wouldn't have misunderstood, although any insecure woman would have doubts upon hearing those words. But if said insecure woman had thought further, considering the situation, then she shouldn't have misunderstood. If she did, then she's a fool and not deserving of Devlin Bane.

Though the author did present a resolution of some sort, she didn't reveal the reason the enemy sought Devlin's death in the first place. It's obvious that the mystery would continue in the next few books. I don't usually mind such series continuity, but what I don't understand is why Devlin ceased to be a target in the next book. What lowered his being seen as a threat? Is it because his story has been told (and is therefore finished)? Or is it because the mystery is merely an author mechanism, and since the next book focuses on another Paladin, then of course, he should be the new target?

Book Rating: 4 stars

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