Friday, June 5, 2009

REVIEW: King of Sword and Sky by C. L. Wilson

Series: Tairen Soul series


This book continues from Lady of Light and Shadows. Rain and Ellie have wed, and they now travel to the Fading Lands to keep Ellie safe behind the mists, as someone wanted to do her harm. Ellie learns that the tairen kits are dying, and she has to save them, else, the fey will die with the tairen.


I wish I could just say "great book!" and the review would be done. It is in fact a great continuation from Book 2, and I kept turning the page, wishing the story would never end. Happy that there's a 4th book to look forward to, but sad that I'd have to wait a few more months!

Here, Ellie learns more of the fey and their land, and she's met fey who like her and who don't like her. The tairen, however, like her, and even name her, when they wouldn't name Rain's former mate. She also binds a few more men to her, when she wipes away the weight on their souls, the way she did for Bel and Gaelen. She reasons out that this may save them in the coming war, and she continues to save more despite the toll on her and on Rain.

Tairen are possessive creatures, and though Rain knows with his mind the rationale behind Ellie's actions, he can't stand the jealousy as he watches men touch his beloved. Oh yes, Rain finally knows that he loves Ellie (not just because of the true mate bond) and he confesses as much in the previous book. In the course of this book, we see Ellie change from acting on her own to acting as part of a couple later in the book when she decides to consult Rain on an important matter and to abide by his decision.

We also see that the fey learn more about Ellie's history, that she really is fey (not just half fey, or half Eld) but the identity of her parents elude them. I want to see a reunion between Ellie and her parents, and I want to see Rain's (and the other fey's) reactions when they learn just who Ellie's parents are. And I will curse the author and I will feel cheated if her parents died in Eld without Ellie and the fey knowing who her parents are.

The High Mage has also gotten "badder", with more powerful weapons at his disposal. I do wonder how the fey will beat them in the next book. I'll say it again, I'm waiting with impatience for Queen of Song and Souls. I anticipate a great read, based on the last three books.

Book Rating: 4 stars


Mandi said...

I really enjoy this series..I think the second is my favorite of the series. I really hope Vadim Muir has it coming to him!!! He is so evil!

CL Wilson just said that there will now be a fifth book to this series!! Queen of Song and Soul (the 4th) was 1,000 pages so she is doing a fifth called Tairen Soul. She also is doing a book for Bel and Galen (is that the right name?). Anyway...looking forward to it!!

Silver said...

Oh really, a fifth book? Yay! That's the best news I've had all day! Thanks, Mandi. Awesome! I can't wait to read Gaelen's story! Like you, I'm soooo looking forward to it! (Now, if I could only contain my excitement.)

Leontine said...

OMG a book for Gaelen en Bel, Bel is so my Mc.Dreamy and McSteamy in one Fey :D I'm counting the days until Queen is released. I loved King, Steli took me from the first moment and the kittlings *sigh*

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