Thursday, January 7, 2010

REVIEW: Lilac by Louisa Trent

ISBN 978-1-59632-969-0
(c) June 2009, Loose Id

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"A delightful, funny read with an endearing heroine"

Tegan Ellis planned to blackmail Sean Griffith, owner of Central Coal Mine, into implementing certain reforms that would make the lives of the miners and their families better. She expected to find him engaged in an orgy and to use this knowledge to coerce him into doing what she wanted.

Sean Griffith climbed his way out of the gutter into the self-made man that he was today. Fifteen years ago, he was hurt by a woman he thought to wed and he never forgot it. When he learned that Tegan was planning to sully his good name--the only thing of value he had--he grew enraged and planned his revenge, starting with making her his plaything.

This book is not work-safe nor anywhere-safe, except if you're alone in the room, because in the midst of reading, I would suddenly find myself giggling at Tegan--at what she said or at her antics. I've never met a heroine like her. She is bubbly and optimistic and funny, and with her eyes firmly on the goal, she never lets anything get her down or prevent her from achieving her goal. She is a confounding mix of naive innocence and cunning mischief, and I bet Sean never knew what hit him.

Consider the following passage:

"Not when I intend to take my thanks from your pretty ass," he said crudely.

"A compliment! How very kind, sir."

He scowled. "What compliment?"

"You called a certain region of my anatomy pretty. I never, ever expected to receive praise about my posterior, but only a fool turns down a complimentary turn of phrase."...

And then, later:

...She stood, backed up to his folded knees. "Shall I bend over, sir? It was my ass you wanted to derive your thanks from, was it not?"

Sean Griffith's words and actions are true to his background, and his roughness and some of the sexual games he played with Tegan (such as mild exhibitionism, fisting) might put off some readers. I have read a wide variety of erotic romances and I have to admit I was slightly disturbed at some of the games, though Tegan was consenting and appeared to enjoy them. That said, this is a well-written story than most erotic romances I've read, and Tegan as the enchanting heroine carried off the story pretty well.

Rating: 3 stars

Buy Link (ebook): Loose Id, Fictionwise

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