Monday, January 4, 2010

REVIEW: Savage Lessons by Moira Rogers

ISBN 978-1-60521-355-2
Series: Temple of Luna, Book 3
(c) January 2010, Changeling Press
Moira Rogers' website

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"Incredibly hot, with more than a touch of romance!"

Growing up poor, Lexa wanted to attain the position of high priestess as a way to gain financial security. Her rise through the ranks of priestesses was meteoric and even Celine, the current high priestess, was impressed and meant for her to be the successor. As a final test for Lexa's qualification, she has to be trained by Dejan, a half-feral wolf feared by many.

Something magical happened between them and Lexa was able to shatter his control, thus passing his test. However, their need for each other didn't abate, and though it was forbidden for a trainer and a priestess to continue to have dealings with each other, they were unable to keep away, until their secret trysts threatened to hurt the warriors they were supposed to protect. Not only that, but Lexa's ambition may also come between them.

The Temple of Luna series just keeps getting better and better! I like how each book thus far presents a heroine with a different station or function in the temple, such that taken as a whole, we are able to gain an overall perspective on the workings of the temple. For example, Avani in Savage Possession is a novice, Zahra in Savage Need is more healer than priestess, and Lexa is a novice with enough ambition to jump straight to priestess and here, in this book, we are also introduced to the concept of trainers giving lessons to the novices and teaching them the proper way to handle warriors.

I would have to say that this book is the hottest thus far of the three, because Lexa's and Dejan's need for each other just jumps right off the page, especially in their first intimate scene. After Lexa became a priestess, you can feel their angst and desperation as they engaged in their trysts, especially Dejan, wanting to claim Lexa yet knowing he couldn't. Despite the hotness, this story is also very romantic and toward the end, a slight poignant quality lends it a hint of vulnerability to touch the heart.

I'm sad though that there's only one last book in the series! Still, it's coming in March 2010, which I think features Celine.

Rating: 5 stars

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* Note: The review copy is supplied by the author.


Madison Blake said...

Great story. Love the heat and the conflict Dejan and Lexa felt afterward. My impression as I read is that the story built to a crescendo with each scene and peaked at the point where Dejan went to see Lexa after hearing the news about the warrior who almost injured her. After that, I feel the intensity kinda died down. But it's still good! One of my keepers as well. :)

Leontine said...

The theme alone makes me want to read's something I never encountered before, just like the mile-high club thing. I'm hearing good things about Moira Rogers so it is on the TBB list ;)

Shana said...

Hi Leontine, me too! Want to read her other series, the one that begins with Crux. Anyway, what mile-high club thing? I encountered that in Sex Drive by Susan Lyons (yum, great, sexy book!), but where else? Any good recommendations?

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