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REVIEW: The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter

ISBN 978-0-373-77246-9
Series: Lords of the Underworld, Book 1
(c) 2008, HQN
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Rating: 3 stars

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"Mythology with a twist."


That was my first impression upon reading the first few pages. The author created a world that was based on Greek mythology, most specifically Pandora's box and the demons let loose in the world.

Maddox is the keeper of the demon Violence, and more often than not, he found himself subject to the demon. A warrior of the gods, he and several others did a very foolish thing thousands of years ago in a fit of jealousy and pride. And they suffered for their actions.

On the other hand, Ashlyn Darrow is a woman with a strange ability. She only need to stand in a certain place and she'll hear all the conversations that had ever taken place there. When she learned that there were "angels" who lived on top of a hill who could help her silence the voices, she sought them out. Indeed, Maddox was able to help her in this respect.

Maddox's world is certainly interesting, especially as he and the other warriors like him, lords as they are called, now have to battle ancient enemies who are determined to wipe them out. Though the romance aspect is focused on Maddox and Ashlyn, the events in the story concern the other lords as well, such that I feel this book has more of an ensemble cast than main protagonists. The events served as a backdrop to Maddox's and Ashlyn's romance, yet I feel that the journey of their story and the development of their feelings are somewhat rushed and not all that believable. Maybe because the "screen time" that should've been used to chronicle this development was instead given over to the introduction of more characters or setting the stage for the next books. Their dialogue/conversation could use an improvement as well. The appearance of Anya, who seems a silly creature to me and not at all like a demi-goddess, puts another damper on things. Still, the resolution of Maddox's and Ashlyn's problems were nicely done, and what Ashlyn did for Maddox is especially touching, depicting the essence of true love.

That said, Gena Showalter has certainly cooked up an interesting world with the promise of more in the succeeding books. I'd love to see Torin's (Disease) and Paris's (Promiscuity) stories, but definitely Torin's. Or Kane's (Disaster). I think Cameo's (Misery) would be very interesting as well.

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