Monday, May 3, 2010

Blaze Madness

I've heard so much about Sarah Mayberry that I went out and had a spree! Got the following books that I could find on online and used bookstores:

Oh, and I might be getting Anything for You as a gift...but we'll have to wait and see. *grin* Love the "friends to lovers" stories, which is the reason I really really really gotta have Anything for You and Her Best Friend.

And, okay, one of them was a Super Romance, not a Blaze. After I finish my current book, I'm reading Cruise Control!

Anyway, while I was at the bookstore, I saw two Cara Summers stories that caught my eye! Well, the back teaser certainly did. Hope the stories are good reads!


Erotic Horizon said...

Hey ladies - I am back, I have been too tired to do blog rounds recently...

Mayberry is a firm fav of mine - Remember they are Harlequin, so expect some issues, but she is definately one of the better one..

Carolyn MsSparren is a great Harlequin suspense author as well...

I read alot of Harlequin and Mills&Boons - every since I was a teenager..

Enjoy hon..


Scorpio M. said...

Count me in as a Mayberry fan as well. I just discovered her recently myself. She packs a great punch in such a short format. I have read 4 of her titles so far and have not been unhappy with any.

ANYTHING FOR YOU is my favorite so far, followed by HER SECRET FLING. Enjoy! :)

Silver @ TRR said...

Hey, ladies! Glad to see Carole made the right choice! :)

Especially as she's been very nice about sharing her stash, so I'm now reading Cruise Control. LOL Just started actually, and I'm hooked.

Hey E.H! Welcome back! The fatigue bug has been doing its rounds, it seems, because we're also afflicted by it. LOL Hope you're fully recovered.

Thanks for the rec. Would have to check out Carolyn MsSparren. It's hard to pick out the good authors among so many.

I read a lot of it too when I was younger. But it seems to me the stories are better before. I have some keepers--dog-eared books with yellow spots--that I still have with me to this day. I still reread them whenever I'm looking for a comfort read.

Carole said...

E.H, Scorpio M, you're right. Sarah Mayberry is great! I'm reading Below the Belt and like Silver, I'm hooked! I may have to get her earlier books to have more of her greatness. I'm thinking of getting Can't Get Enough, Home for the Holidays, and the Take on Me trilogy. Have any of you read those? How do they fare against her later books?

Carole said...

Oops, I was talking about Below the Belt.

Carole said...

It's my first book about boxing and I thought I wouldn't like it, which was why I hesitated about getting this at first, but now I'm glad! Both Cooper and Jamie are hot. Cooper is also such a sweetie.

Scorpio M. said...


I have Home for the Holidays in my TBR but I haven't read many of her earlier books.

My favs as mentioned are Anything For You & Her Secret Fling but I also enjoyed She's Got It Bad and Her Best Friend. I think you can't really go wrong with Mayberry, even at her worst, she's still enjoyable, imo.

Carole said...

Hi Scorpio,

I just received Her Best Friend and Amorous Liaisons from Book Depository! Can't wait to read them. Also received Anything for You. Double yay! I hope to finish Below the Belt soon, so I can start on Anything for You. Love the friends to lovers theme. Do you know of any other books with this theme?

I thought Her Secret Fling should be interesting as well, based on the summary and the review I've read. Now with your rec I'll have to see if I can get a copy. :)

Scorpio M. said...

Hi Carole,

Ya know, I don't think I've read too many friends to lovers stories. I can't think of too many titles. Mayberry's, Her Best Friend, is one (which you already have, yeah!). Victoria Dahl's, Start Me Up is another.

BTW, I really love Dahl's contemporaries, her entire Tumble Creek trilogy is great. Funny, poignant, sexy.

But back to Mayberry: I just finished "Home For The Holidays" & it's another keeper. I just love how each and every title is so different, her plots, characters never repeat. I haven't read "Below The Belt" yet, I will get that one asap.

Happy Mayberry reading :-)

Carole said...

Hi Scorpio,

Have to check out Victoria Dahl then. I've heard about her, but haven't picked up any book of hers yet.

Yes, Below the Belt is great. The ending was unexpected, but I guess that's how the modern, kick-ass woman reader would have it. LOL My first Mayberry, so I hope the other books will live up to it. I'm finishing another book I have to return to the library soon, but after that, it's Her Best Friend. :)

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