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REVIEW: Who Will Take This Man? by Jacquie D'Alessandro

ISBN 9780060536701
Series: Prequel to Love and the Single Heiress
Genre: Historical Romance
(c) November 2003, Avon Books, Harper Collins
Jacquie D'Alessandro's website

Rating: 4 stars

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"Has everything you look for in a book--romance, tension, suspense"

Philip, Lord Greybourne, came home to England to marry the bride Meredith Chilton-Grizedale, the matchmaker his father hired, has chosen for him. However, he triggered a curse during his travels, as a result of which whoever became his bride was fated to die. Unless he could find the way to uncurse himself.

Meredith has worked too long and hard to allow her reputation as a matchmaker to be ruined just like that, when the match between Lord Greybourne and the daughter of a duke was called off due to the curse. So, she took it upon herself to help Lord Greybourne, never imagining that she herself would fall to his charms and become the object of the curse.

There's no one like Jacquie D'Alessandro in crafting historical romances with a touch of humor and lots and lots of sexual tension. By the time the hero and the heroine got together, I was burning along with them. The tension in this book went a touch too long, but I understood the reason, which to reveal would be a spoiler, me thinks. But seriously, I love her humor.

(I read in her website that she would have her first contemporary single title out  next year, and I'm looking forward to that, but I hope she won't abandon historicals totally.)

Unlike other historical heroines, Meredith truly has a past that has a big possibility of becoming a hindrance to stuffy, er, proper marriages among the ton, their social gap notwithstanding. Despite her upbringing, or maybe because of it, she has a compassion for the unfortunate that is credible. I also like the fact that she is not like other heroines who is determined to "adopt" each and every street child that she comes across, because I find such heroines very unrealistic and because of that, annoying.

Combined with the need to find a way to unlock the curse, there is a suspense factor involved with someone intent on hurting the people that Philip cared about. I have to admit I was gripped with the curiosity to find out who this person was. Although I have my sights set on one person, the author dropped enough clues as to confuse me that I have my doubts several times. Needless to say, I love every moment of it.

Buy Link (paper): Book Depository

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