Thursday, January 13, 2011

Catch the Fever!!!

Have you all caught it yet? Do so before you're left behind! It's absolutely the "in" thing nowadays, especially with Karen Marie Moning's SHADOWFEVER due for release on January 18, 2011!

Three of TRR's reviewers have certainly caught it, and they're here to share what they love and gush about in this popular series, especially in the 4th installment DREAMFEVER.

The following review is written by 3 passionate reviewers who 'caught the fever' and have no compulsion to search for Tylenol. Please join TRR reviewers, Belinda, Michelle R and Rho, as they share their thoughts on the second to the last book in Karen Marie Moning's Fever Series.

Ok girlies, we have to start by rating DREAMFEVER. Given the number of times I’ve read it and the fact that I think at this point the whole book is highlighted, I’m going with FIVE STARS.

5 stars for me too. I loved this entire series! Every book has gotten better for me than the last.

Without having to even think, hands down the book's a VERY strong five stars. If I could, I'd give it more because it completely blew me away. I'm totally with you, Rho, on each book getting better and better. Just when I think the series has reached perfection, the author releases a new book filled with such amazing twists, turns and my personal favorite, sexual tension that it leaves me speechless. That's what DREAMFEVER did for me. Left me speechless, especially that cliffhanger!!

Who's your favorite character thus far and why?

Let me go first. That's a hard one for me to answer. I love Mac. I love what she's done, how far she's come, and the fact that she's not realized fully who she is. But I think I have to go with Jericho Barrons being my favorite character. He's got questionable ethics, but I think once you've earned his loyalty, there's not much he wouldn't do for you. Who knows what he truly is, but he's sexy, smart, fiercely protective, and he loves Mac. Yeah, I said it. He does. I don't care who doesn't believe it, even if that's him. He. Loves. Her. And that's that! LOL

*sigh* My favorite character is definitely Barrons. There's something about that man that just calls to me, and I know he warns us against it and told us he's not that man but I just KNOW he's not as cold and cynical as he presents himself. There's something more to him, something softer, and I'm with you, Rho, that he loves Mac. That's been one of my favorite parts of this whole Fever experience -- watching him and Mac interact with one another. The tension, the "I'm keeping you at arm’s length, Ms. Lane" but in the next moment "I'll do anything for you, Mac." For me, he has the ultimate bad boy mentality...

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