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Book Interview on January 2011

Thanks for visiting with us today, Annabel. Congratulations on another amazing book! We're so excited to get to ask you more about FORTUNE.

Q: First off, FORTUNE's hero is Doctor Ryan whom we met in DEEP IN THE WOODS. What prompted you to do a spin off book centered around him?

Well, when I first wrote Ryan in DEEP IN THE WOODS, he was just a convenience character. I wanted Dave to have a friend to vent to about Sophie (and someone to share her with) and since Sophie was in medical school, I thought it would be great to have his friend be someone in the medical field. But as I started writing him, I got more and more turned on by him. I really hated when it was time for him to go! Fast forward to a couple months later. A girlfriend of mine got involved with a guy who was really into both shibari and origami. It piqued my interest and I started trying to come up with a story for a male character who was into shibari, and really good with his hands. And then it hit me -- a surgeon would be really good with his hands! This story is going to be about Ryan!

Q: That's interesting! Were there times while you were writing FORTUNE when you wished you had done things differently or described him differently in DEEP IN THE WOODS or did he just evolve easily from where we left him?

Well, I was pretty lucky because DEEP IN THE WOODS was still in edits when FORTUNE started taking shape in my mind. I was able to add the scene where Ryan gives Sophie the crane to tie the two books together. Otherwise his character was already pretty suited to the man I envisioned in FORTUNE. It was really serendipitous that way.

Q: At the beginning of the story, we meet Kat who is going out and picking up a different guy every night, six nights a week. That screams independence to me, so why does such an independent girl still live at home with her extremely large family and why does she submit to such a controlling man?

To me, her behavior was more about low self-esteem and self-numbing than independence. A lot of people have asked me, "So what was wrong with Kat? Why was she that way when she had that big loving family?" And the simple answer is...

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Annabel is offering a copy of FORTUNE to one lucky winner!

Mechanics of the contest:

You can do either or both of the following to enter the drawing:

1. Write a comment or question to Annabel in the comment box on the review site (3 chances to win) from now to January 31;


2. Check out our contest page from January 10 to 12 to enter your email address (1 chance to win).

The winner will be announced in the comment box on February 3.

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