Monday, March 21, 2011

FEATURE and GIVEAWAY: Frostfire by Lynn Viehl

Hi Lynn, thanks a lot for this interview!

Q: Having read all the three books in your Kyndred series, I find that the paranormal element in each book is unique. How do you decide which paranormal element to use in each book?

Every decision I've made about the paranormal elements in each novel revolves around the backstory of the Kyndred, and also links back in some way to paranormal elements from the Darkyn series. For the protagonists in Frostfire, I was working with one character that had already been established in other books, so I worked off what I'd already created. I also wanted to play with my world-building a bit and explore an idea I had about the consequences of a different type of bioengineering; the kind that might happen in Nature.

Q: Where do you see this series going? Will there be a final book where all is revealed and the Takyn are safe from GenHance?

I've discussed this with my editor, and my publisher has decided that Nightshine, book four, will be the final book in the Kyndred series. I don't want to give out any spoilers, but I hope to wrap up things to everyone's satisfaction...

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Lynn's giving away an awesome prize for giveaway: a signed set of the three Kyndred novels in a tote bag! Check out the awesome pic below:

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