Wednesday, March 16, 2011

FEATURE and GIVEAWAY: Wuthering Heights (W&W Version) by Beth Williamson

Hi Beth, thanks for taking the time to give us more insights into this book!

Q: Please tell us a little about Wuthering Heights, both the original story and the Wild and Wanton edition.

As a young girl, I first saw the Wuthering Heights film and was completely captured by the scene with Heathcliff as he holds a dying Catherine. I had to know this story, had to read it! I hadn't read it since high school before this project came into my lap. I reread it several times and realized just how dark the story was. I couldn't change the inherent darkness of the characters and the story, but I could bring the passion out that so desperately needed to be released (no pun intended ;).

Q: What was your favorite addition to the story?

Page 131. LOL. The scene where Heathcliff has run out into the night and Catherine follows, the scene with sex in a thunderstorm was seriously intense. Loved writing that...

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Beth is giving away a copy of WUTHERING HEIGHTS: THE WILD AND WANTON EDITION (print) to one lucky winner!

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