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How About a Wicked Game of Pool?

How About a Wicked Game of Pool?
An Introduction to the Flamingo Rustler
Cassandre Dayne

Have you ever gambled to get something tasty that you desire? Perhaps it's simply a friendly game to waste away a steamy rain slicked July afternoon or something you do on a Saturday night at your local pub with all your friends. Either way, it's just fun and games, right?

What if it was something else entirely? What if you decided that in order to win the heart and possibly the hot, sultry body of the guy you hunger for that you would do anything to try and garner his attention, even if that meant challenging him to a game he always bested you at? Think about the end game. Who would really win? Would you do it and what would you put up as stakes. Let's think about the sultry setting…

Imagine a darkly lit bar where mostly men enjoy the tasty treats that a man cave can offer. Glance across the room with me. Can you see the slight haze of smoke from the pulsing lights, the illegal cigarette smoke and the myriad of televisions blaring every sports related activity that ESPN could offer? Inhale deeply. Do you smell the hint of stale beer, the aroma of spicy wings and the wafting of chili? Take a step inside and brush your hand across the cool wood of the pool table, the warm softness of the emerald green felt. Glance around the room at the neon flashing lights advertising everything from Budweiser to saucy margaritas. Aren't you thirsty?

Now close your eyes and envision chalking the pool cue, getting it just right before you lean over, giving a seductive stance as you take the breaking shot. What did you hope for, solids or stripes? As you gaze down as the first purple ball twirls around the far right pocket, did you hold our breath until it dropped with a thud inside? Now, can you hear the approving grunts mixing with the electric rifts of Bon Jovi? Hmmm…I think you have the feel of Lucifer's Lair.

The man cave nestled in the heart of the Flamingo Rustler caters to all men rough and tumble style and their manly desires from sports to rich foods. It's the kind of joint that the liquor flows, the food is always tangy, the testosterone keeps everyone on edge…oh and women aren't allowed.

Well, except for that special someone. Would you dare allow the hungry men to watch your game, knowing they are betting on the outcome? I wonder if you could allow your inhibitions to be thrust aside. Take a moment to think about it. My bet is…you would.

I am often asked as a writer how I set up a scene for my books and have I ever been to some of the exotic locations. In truth, the internet and books are wonderful so you don't have to travel to distant shores to find that perfect secluded spot or the stunning beach with pearlescent sands and keening cerulean blue skies. One thing you do have to have is a bit of imagination. I love creating a setting that you the reader long to visit and whether it's real or it's make believe – it doesn't matter as long as you crave to be there.

Lucifer's Lair and the Flamingo Rustler happen to be backdrops for a new series – Tales From Lucifer's Lair and the first story about all things sassy that happen in the bar called Wicked Wager Among Friends. What I can tell you is that the restaurant and bar, while not real, is going to be not only in my erotic romance series but in my campy murder mystery series called Pinked based in a gated Community Association called Leopard's Pointe as well, so it's important to design and keep the bar exactly as it will be throughout both series and for both writers. To that end, I have bought the web address – the website will be up this summer; I have created drinks from scratch and recipes that will be daily specials on the website when completed.

You'll also get the opportunity to experience free reads as well. Here's the actual legend of The Flamingo Rustler.

Mick St. Simon was a lonely and hardened man. Fresh from the horrors of World War II and his heart having been broken by the woman of his dreams, he moved to the United States from his native Australia. Prepared to become an accountant, he chose instead on a whim to purchase the seedy pub at the end of the street. Turning it into Mick's Burgers, his Big Mick's burger and fries became an instant hit.

The entire establishment flourished, that is until the golden arches entered the picture. The big wig operation threatened law suits galore and squeezed him bloody dry. He needed a change desperately.  As the era of drugs and wild sex took hold, he leased his shop and moved to San Francisco, taking up residence with a hot blond stripper and a Harley. As the days became endless nights of wanton sex and psychedelic drugs, he knew his future was at stake.

Finally leaving the hedonistic life for the sanctity of his burger joint, he found it in complete disrepair. As his disillusionment for the Vietnam war held his mind and his love for bikes grasped his soul, he turned the joint into a biker bar, and the Flamingo Rustler was born. Years later, he learned of a single heir. His namesake, Mick St. Simons, was an ostrich farmer in the wastelands near Melbourne and the only man he knew that could carry on his dream. And so, he willed his bar to his grandson, Mick.

Sadly, succumbing to his injuries suffered in a horrific accident on a Harley trip with his best friends at 78, the will called out to Mick in his home country. The place left to him, the only caveat was that he had to own the establishment for five full years. Young Mick, a rogue by reputation, knew what to do. Bikers no more, he changed the place into a neighborhood bar and grill adding a man cave, Lucifer's Lair, in reverence to his grandfather. Many a tale could be told from the saucy darkened bar and hence the name...Tales from Lucifer's Lair.

Wicked Wager Among Friends – Tales from Lucifer's Lair is being released on April 20th from Rebel Ink Press. I hope you will enjoy my cast of characters as they bring you into their worlds – some a bite sexy and others simply full of fun. Please join me in all my worlds where you just might….Dare to Take the Plunge.

Check out Cassandre's featured book interview of WICKED WAGER AMONG FRIENDS [CLICK HERE]. She's giving a giveaway to one awesome commentor.

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