Monday, August 29, 2011

Excited about Romance @ Random by Ashia

The funny thing about romance books is that I can read a good one over and over, giving them special places in my keeper shelf. Which is why, I am so excited when I heard about Romance @ Random, as they are going to reissue Loveswept books!

What are Loveswept books? They are category romances published in the 1980's onwards by Bantam. I'm not sure when the publisher stopped publishing them, but I do know they were missed.

I grew up with Loveswept, being in the 5th grade when I read my first one, which was Iris Johansen's Stormy Vows. It was one of the first Loveswept books published, and I loved the story so much it's on my keeper shelf. Also, it gave me a good impression of the Loveswept line, so much so that I looked for Loveswept books whenever I visited the bookstores.

Iris Johansen has since branched out into edgy, romantic suspense novels, but my favorite of her books are still her traditional romances--Tempest at Sea, Last Bridge Home, Always, Winter Bride, The Golden Barbarian, Lion's Bride, etc. I love love love her first full-length novel This Fierce Splendor (review coming soon to The Romance Reviews), the only full-length novel in the Delaney series that she wrote with Kay Hooper and Fayrene Preston (I have the complete series!). I think that book is the turning point for me. After that, I was a loyal fan of Iris Johansen, though I wish she'd go back to writing historical romances. I love her Wind Dancer trilogy, by the way, which I hope to see in ebook soon.

Over the years, I bought and traded (with friends) and read lots of Loveswept books, authors such as Sandra Brown, Kay Hooper, Fayrene Preston, Terry Lawrence, Adrienne Staff, Deborah Smith, Sharon and Tom Curtis, Nancy Holder, Sara Orwig, etc. I'm glad their books are being reissued and their stories will have the chance to reach a wider audience. I'm looking forward to rereading all of them!

I see we have some good line-ups!

Iris Johansen’s voluptuous historical THIS FIERCE SPLENDOR.
Sharon and Tom Curtis’s heartbreaking LIGHTNING THAT LINGERS.
Debra Dixon’s searing western TALL, DARK, AND LONESOME.
Juliana Garnett’s magical medieval THE VOW.
Sally Goldenbaum’s sexy romp THE BARON.
Annette Reynolds’s heart-melting contemporary romance REMEMBER THE TIME.
Adrienne Staff’s alluring DREAM LOVER.
Deborah Smith’s legendary LEGENDS.

Check this page for more information on the individual books.

Post contributed by Ashia

Carole's note: The Romance Reviews has a post up at Romance @ Random entitled "Who's Your Hero?" Check it out!

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