Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gut Reactions, Feelings, and Spidey Senses! by Trinity Blacio

Have you ever had your gut instincts scream at you not to do something or to do something? For many years now I have been listening to these instincts, some a little more than others. Today I thought I would share with you some of my experiences and see if you have any close to mine, or maybe I'm a total freak. J

Let me start off with my first experience that totally scared the crap out of my mom (laughing my butt off here). About a week after my divorce from my first husband, from out of nowhere I had—I'll call it—a daydream. A dream-type occurrence, while I was awake, sitting outside on my porch swing, enjoying the night air.

I knew the next man I was going to be with; he was just there in my mind.  He was going to be Native American, his family from Montana, and I even knew he was going to have the long dark hair. I told my mom the next day, and she laughed, but after two years of marriage to him, I said to her, "Remember when I told you about that dream, the one that showed me who I was going to be with?"

My mom looks at me for a minute, and then turns a nice shade of white, and laughs, nodding her head. My husband is half Chippewa/Cree, his Mother born on the Rocky Boy Reservation, full-blooded Native American. Some of her family still live in Montana, have the family homestead ,too.

Then there is the case of déjà vu, which happens at least two to three a week. Example: I told the husband his mother would be there in a few and walked upstairs (didn't want to see her), and sure enough, she walked through the door.

Another example: I told the husband he was going to get a job at a certain factory, just knew it in my bones. The place called a week later, and he had the job.

You are most likely asking what all this has to do with my writing? Actually a lot because many story lines are from my dreams or at least part of them. I guess that is also why I love to write paranormal stories, because I've heard from a number of people having the same type scenarios.

There is a story I read called Triad by Lauren Dane (excellent book), where she is a witch and has flashes of things to come. Now, I don't have them as powerful as in this story, and as a matter of fact sometimes I don't even realize I've had one until later, but they have happened. As I get older they are becoming stronger and more often. Who knows, maybe it's because my hormones are all screwed up with the change of life coming on. J

But why not use these to my advantage? If they come true, they come true. There is nothing I can do about them, so when I can remember them, I write them down; hence, some of my stories. So if you have these experiences and just ignore them, maybe you could use them to your advantage and join the world of authors.  

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