Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Larger Than Life Heroes by Karen Rose Smith

My hero in HIS COUNTRY CINDERELLA is a mega star.  He is larger than life.  He has thousands of fans, several properties, lots of money and a lifestyle his fans envy.  But when the heroine meets him, he is incognito and only the "man" matters.  Zane Gunther without all the trappings is still a hero.

So what makes a hero?

When I consider a hero for one of my plotlines, I give him a painful background, a rugged, sexy appearance, a career he is passionate about and a heroine who can not only catch his eye, but keep it for a lifetime.  The men I create are never perfect. They do have flaws. But I lay the groundwork for one character trait that never changes—these men are true blue.  They are loyal, full of integrity and have always stepped up to protect and defend the people they care about. When they accept the vulnerability of loving, they become real heroes, steadfast husbands for the rest of their lives.

My heroines are women I'd like to have as my best friends.  And each becomes a friend as I write a book.  But my heroes?  I have to fall in love with them to make the romance work.  I definitely fell hard for Zane Gunther and I think readers will be able to tell!  He's a larger than life hero because of his pioneer spirit and very big heart.

Check out Karen's interview of HIS COUNTRY CINDERELLA (click here), and you may win one of the giveaways!

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