Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SEAL Obsession by Jianne Carlo

For years I've been fascinated by SEALs. Amazed, awed, filled with admiration and respect for these elite warriors, the best trained force on the planet. I've probably read every single book out there on SEALs. I have The History Channel's DVD series on the Navy SEALs BUD/s Class 234 and re-watching it for the nth time never fails to astound me.

What motivates these men? The training is brutal, and the odds of completing the course, and earning the trident pin dismal.

Out of a beginning class of 230 trainees only approximately 40 will graduate, and not all of those will go on to become SEALs. And that's just the beginning of more training. Most SEALs won't see active duty for six months to a year after finishing BUD/ s or Basic Underwater Demolition/Seal training.

The grit and determination, the no man left behind motto, the sheer beauty of the execution of an operation, it boggles my mind. Easy to see where my motivation for writing The Hades Squad series came from – obsession. Too bad there aren't any female SEALs and I wasn't a good two decades younger. Hah! Dream on, Jianne.

I've taken liberties with The Hades Squad – particularly by making the squad master parachutists as well as SEALs. But I really wanted to use the title A Paratrooper in a Pear Tree, and thus, Lincoln Abraham Chapman aka Sinner was born. To this day, Sinner's one of my favorite characters.

It took me around six weeks to write Deviant Devil. The minute I penned the first chapter, his character flew off the pages. With a nickname like Devil, aka Dominix Alexander Zubiri, this warrior walks to the beat of a different drummer. He's a tad on the deviant side. And ornery and stubborn.

So, his mate, Jessica Blaine, had to be a strong, no nonsense woman. Jess and Devil have been fighting their mutual attraction since Lucifer's Choice. When Devil spots Jess in a BDSM club – up for auction – that's it. No prisoners taken. No holds barred - she's his.

I'm celebrating Deviant Devil's release with a contest. Visit my site and answer these questions and you're entered in a drawing for a $10.00 restaurant gift certificate and a copy of Deviant Devil.

What's Sinner's real name?
What shape is Nalini's belly ring?
What's the name of the private BDSM club where Devil wins Jess in an auction?

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Just leave a comment with the answers or email them to me at:

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Have a great one!


Jianne Carlo

Note: Check out Jianne's interview of DEVIANT DEVIL (click here) and you may win one of the awesome giveaways! Contest until 30 September 2011.

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