Friday, November 4, 2011

Romance Books - Where to donate them?

I got the idea for this post from personal experience. I had a lot of books to donate, but where to? It was easy enough, and I was lucky none of them were romance books. Why? Because most places don’t accept romance books, it’s HARD to find one that does.

I did a little research and now I’ll share the results about what you can do with them: 


1- Donate to hospitals, nursing homes or women’s shelters
Average/ Mainstream Romances
“They are always in need of reading material for their patients. FYI, they are also in need of magazines.” There’s not a lot of options to choose from.

2- Sell them on Craigslist
Any Romance

3- Look for an used bookstore
“Most every major city has a couple of used bookstores, but some specialize in only certain types of books. If you are interested in taking this route, find a used book store that sells mostly genre paperback book. Even better, find one that will probably pay you.”

4 – Be a part of a trading/sharing/swapping program such as: BookCrossing, Bookins, Swapbooks, Paperbackswap, Readitswapit and many other.
Any Romance (check each community to see what’s best)

5- Gift/ borrow it to a friend or fellow blogger

6- Have a giveaway!

Now go on and donate some book and you'll have enough space to buy some more!

- Nat
Article originally posted at the Reading Romances Blog


Martha Lawson said...

You left out the library!! Our library system has an annual book sale (through the friends) and we also have a room that has books for sale every day. Alot of donations we get are put into circulation if they are in good shape. Budget cuts ya know!!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I gess it depends on the library too, right?!

Thanks for sharing =D

Jackie said...

I agree about the library! We have them here too!

kamagra said...

If you want to donate your books just post on facebook everybody will love to get that :)

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