Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ten Things You Want to Know about L.A. Witt

Ten Things You Wanted to Know About L. A. Witt

1. I have zero fashion sense. Seriously, my husband picks out most of my clothes. I can only be trusted with jeans and T-shirts, and even then, it’s questionable (I own a few shirts I really shouldn’t wear in public). And if my “style” of dress wasn’t bad enough…

2. …aside from being a card-carrying member/cultist of the 30 Seconds to Mars Echelon, I have godawful taste in music. I probably have something in my music library that could make anyone cringe. If the eyebrow-raising quantities of boy bands don’t appall you, I could always point to the copious amounts of industrial rock, the odd hair band or rap song, and wheelbarrows full of country music. If Yanni doesn’t make you gag, I have plenty of Ke$ha as backup, and there’s always the Katy Perry ace up my sleeve. And if you’re still not horrified, I even have one song apiece by Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus. I’d like to think my volumes of 30 Seconds to Mars, Adam Lambert, Breaking Benjamin, and Erasure could redeem me, but sometimes I wonder.

3. I’m a history buff. Though I have yet to write any historical – something I intend to remedy one day – I love history. I have hundreds of books on everything from Ancient Greece to World War II to obscure wars and remote, no-one’s-ever-heard-of-them cultures. And yes, I’m a History Channel junkie.

4. I once came home from Disneyland in a neck brace. It was actually the result of a roller coaster malfunction (not to be confused with a wardrobe malfunction), but sometimes, just to mix it up a bit, I tell people I got into a fistfight with Cinderella. Oddly enough, most people believe that story over the roller coaster one. I’m not sure if that says more about me or people’s misguided faith in the structural integrity of Disneyland’s rides.

5. In casual conversation, I habitually overuse the words “literally”, “invariably”, and “fuck”. Nuff said.

6. I’m almost entirely ambidextrous. I write with my left hand, use can openers and scissors with my right. Otherwise, I can do almost anything with either hand. This really annoys people when I fence, bowl, or play pool against them.

7. Only two movies have ever made me cry: What Dreams May Come and Ladder 49. When you consider how many movies I’ve seen (a lot), and how many emotionally twisted indie films are included in that, I’m honestly not sure what that says about me.

8. Nothing excites me about a new work-in-progress like the title. When a book is still in that nebulous planning stage, it nibbles on my skull and tries to hold my attention, but as soon as the title comes to me? I am at it the book’s mercy. Something about that “Eureka!” moment makes the whole story come together and make sense, and I have to get it written, like, yesterday. This doesn’t happen with every book, but definitely the majority of them. Static, The Given & The Taken, The Closer You Get, A Chip In His Shoulder, and Where There’s Smoke all fall into that category.

9. I cannot sing. If I ever tried out for American Idol, I’d be one of the “oh my God, look how bad this contestant is” people. If I sing in the shower, the water turns cold. I have the voice of an angel…if that angel has a four pack-a-day habit, a bad case of strep throat, and a mouth full of gummy bears. I. Cannot. Sing.

10. I am a walking contradiction. I’m afraid of flying, but I love skydiving. I’m afraid of needles, but I have an acupuncture addiction and several tattoos. I studied Spanish and Russian in school, then moved to Japan. I know, I’m weird.

There you have it. Ten things you didn’t know you wanted to know about me.

Here's another, bonus if you will. The blurb from my Riptide release, Chip in His Shoulder:

“Contract killer” is a fitting job for a vampire, and it suits Liam just fine. Cast down from the wealth and status of the Sky for taking a human lover, Liam lurks in the poor and pollution-choked Gutter, killing to survive. Between his natural strengths and his Cybernetix mods, no mark has ever escaped him.

Liam’s ex-lover Daniel is the heir to Cybernetix—and its greatest threat. Horrified by people less man than machine and the exploitation of Gutter factory workers, he’d rather destroy Cybernetix than inherit it . . . if his father doesn’t destroy him first.

Years of anger and a heap of mods have kept Daniel and Liam apart. When Liam is hired to slaughter a man in his glass Sky tower, he walks right into a Daniel-shaped trap. Daniel’s father has betrayed them both, and only by working together can Daniel and Liam survive the coming day. They have no reason to trust each other, but as the dawn looms, a bargain that began with the simple urge to live soon reminds them of the love they once shared. Can they find each other again, or will the Cybernetix assassins find them first?

You can purchase Chip in His Shoulder by clicking the title.

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