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GIVEAWAY: Goddess in the Middle by Stephanie Julian

"GODDESS IN THE MIDDLE, the latest in the Forgotten Goddess series, is paranormal romance at its best!"

~ Rho, The Romance Reviews


Romulus and Remus are sexy werewolf cousins with an unbreakable bond. When they meet beautiful goddess Amity and save her from an encroaching demon, they discover that the three of them together are way more powerful than any of them could ever have imagined. And they're going to need that power to overcome the forces that are determined to steal Amity's magic and destroy the two men.

As different as night and day, and each an amazing man in his own right, Rom and Remy make all of Amity's deepest fantasies come true ...

Now, let's hear from the author, Stephanie Julian!

Q: What gave you the inspiration for the Forgotten Goddess series?

A: I had already written several stories set in the Etruscan Magic world and I’d mentioned a few of the deities so writing their stories was a natural progression. And it all started with a question: What do deities do when they’re no longer worshipped? Are they still needed? What happens to their powers? And what happens if someone wants to take those powers?

Q: Please share a fascinating experience or research fact while in the course of writing Goddess in the Middle.

A:  Hmm, fascinating for me or for you? I’m fascinated by all aspects of research. I love sitting down with a 1,000-page text book on Etruscan tombs and art and combing through all the minutiae to find pieces to add to my stories. Here are just a few of those tidbits. Etruscan goddesses are always shown wearing red shoes. Etruscan demons have blue skin. Archeologists are divided over where the ancient Etruscans originated. Women were considered equals in Etruscan society (until the Romans came along).

Q: Do tell us about Amity. Who is she in mythology, and what characteristics from the original goddess did you imbue into your character?

A: Amity is actually Munthukh, the Etruscan Goddess of Health. She’s shown on an ancient Etruscan mirror as one of Goddess Turan’s handmaidens and she’s shown helping another goddess get ready for her wedding by applying makeup. So of course, Amity now uses her remaining power to help injured and disfigured people regain their confidence in their appearance.

Q: How did you come up with Rom's and Remy's characters?

A: Amity is not in anyway a kick-ass heroine. She is a strong character but she’s not a fighter so she needed a hero who could take care of her. Two would be even better. And they’re werewolves! I drew their names from Roman mythology (Romulus and Remus are the mythical founders of Rome and were raised by a wolf) but their characters are totally unique. Remy is scarred but he hasn’t lost his sense of humor. Rom wears his scars on the inside and is the darker, broodier half of the pair. Together they create the perfect trio with Amity.

Q: Who was your favorite character in this book? Why?

A: Usually my favorite character is the hero. As a writer, I have to love my hero as much as I want the reader to love him. And I do love Remy and Rom but Charun, the Etruscan God of the Underworld, has that dark, mysterious thing going and what woman isn’t drawn to that? Sure, he’s done some horrible things but if you were trapped in hell forever, I think you’d be ready to bust out in any way possible. And are you really sure Charun has killed anyone in pursuit of his escape?

Q: What is it like writing about characters involved in ménage a trois? What fascinates and draws you?

A: I think the fantasy of the ménage is what draws you in. Two hot guys at your beck and call? Seems like paradise. One is dark and brooding, the other is brighter, able to make you smile. And all of their energy is focused on you. They’re dedicated to you. 

Q: What's up next in the Forgotten Goddess series?

A: Well, I kind of left Kari, Amity’s twin sister and the Goddess of Healing, in a bind. And Cat, the new Goddess of the Moon definitely has more of a role to play in upcoming stories.

Thanks for having me over to chat.

Thank you, Stephanie! That was enlightening!


Three (3) lucky winners will win a copy of GODDESS IN THE MIDDLE! Sponsored by Sourcebooks. Thank you!

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*yadkny* said...

I would love to see Poseidon contemporarily redone. Thanks for the giveaway!

GFC Follower: *yadkny*

andieleah said...

Gfc Andrea Wardlow
Is mythology something you have always been fascinated with? Who is your fav God or Goddess in mythology? And what other figure in mythology do you want to write about? Thanks for the giveaway...this series has been on my tbr and I really want to start it. Hugs:)

June M. said...

I have always loved learning about mythology. Unfortunately, I have forgotten a lot of it. When you started to write this series, did you have to refresh your memory or did you remember it fairly well. After you finish with the Goddess', will you write about some Forgotten Gods?
Thanks so much for the chance to win a copy of this book. I am greatly looking forward to reading it.

Kai said...

I would like the story retold about Hades and Persephone.

Would you be able give it a happy ending? Hades and Persephone could only be happy 50% of the time. It would also be interesting which 50% are they happy? I know Hades would be happy when Persephone is with him but he is the King of the Underworld and he has a huge responsibility.

Jen B. said...

I love the story of Medusa. I have seen a couple of stories with a Medusa type character but none of them really clicked with me. jepebATverizonDOTnet

donnas said...

The Dionysus stories would be fun.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Carin said...

I think I would like to read about Jason and the Argonauts in a modern story. Thanks Carin
GFC Carin

BlackwaterMama said...

I love this series! I can't wait to read this book!

Marian L said...

The sirens of the sea that lure the men off ships--forgot their names.

Tina B said...

What a wonderful interview! I love those darker heroes also. ;)
How many books do you envision for this series? Do you plan on writing just Etruscan mythology or do you foresee writing different ones? I have not studied much mythology, but love reading about it!
I am definitely adding this one to my TBR! Thank you for the opportunity to read it. :)

Nancy Luebke said...

I can't remember the name, but the goddess that had the mothering characteristic has a fascination for me.

winnie said...

A question for Stephanie is, what was your favourit scene to write in Goddess in the Middle?


mcv said...

I like the story of Persephone and Hades. It would be tricky though to write a contemporory romance involving kidnapping and forced seduction.
I would love to win your book- sounds great.
mcv111 at hotmail dot com

Vamp Writer said...

Romance with an erotic twist or erotica itself is so interesting. When I wrote my own book (second in the series available in Sept.), I had no idea they would call it erotica; however, now that I've read other such works, I can see where they decided it was. I'd love to read your work - thanks for the chance.

spmcbee said...

I would like like to head about posideon and the sirens of the see. You're book is vertically intriguing. I'll put on my must read list. I love mythology.
Susanne McBee

books4me said...

I want to see a modern twist about Thor and his brother...maybe fighting over a woman?

books4me67 at ymail dot com

GFC: books4me

Christine A. said...

I am a huge fan of Medusa. Congrats on the release, this book sounds great and I look forward to reading it.

Gfc- Christine A.

your1chef at aol dot com

Tina B said...
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