Monday, October 4, 2010

Exclusive Peek: Pillow Talk by Ruth Hartman

 Exlusive Excerpt: 

Three days later, Trixie showed up for her 1:00 dental appointment. She took a seat in the waiting area. She was determined not to let Korkie get under her skin. And she was especially determined that Graham wouldn’t either. Although the more she thought about the luscious dentist even touching her skin…Stop it Trixie! Stop it this instant! 

“Oh, hello, Trixie. Are we ready for our appointment?” the dental assistant crossed her arms and smirked at her. 

Trixie looked up and smiled sweetly. “Hello, Korkie. Well, I’m ready. Not sure about you. Are you having a crown prep today, too?” she asked innocently. 

Korkie huffed out her breath and stomped towards the back room. “I’ll let Dr. Keebler know his patient is here.” 

Trixie looked down at the magazine in her lap as she replied, “Yes. Please tell Graham I’m here.” 

Korkie frowned as she turned back toward Trixie.  “For your information, his preferred title is Dr. Keebler.” 

Trixie looked back up. “To you, maybe. I received a special invitation to call him Graham,” she replied calmly. She held her hands together on her magazine so the temptation to smack the other woman’s obnoxious face wouldn’t materialize. 

“You did not!” The woman stomped her hoof like an aggravated moose. 

“Actually, she did.” Korkie and Trixie both turned to see Graham standing in the doorway to his treatment room. “Trixie, come on back and I’ll get you numb. And Korkie?” 

“Yes Dr. Keelber?” Korkie smiled as sweetly as only a smarmy assistant could. 

“You and I will talk after the appointment is over.” 

“Of course,” she managed to eek out from between her overly bleached front teeth. 

The three of them headed for the back of the office. 

As Trixie was leaned back in the patient chair, she looked up to see Korkie flinging mental dental scalers at her forehead. Suddenly she wondered if it had been such a good idea to antagonize the smug dental assistant. Well, she started it! 

Graham put on his mask, protective glasses and gloves. Korkie did the same. Trixie was suddenly glad the evil assistant didn’t know about her allergy to the sleeping powder she used on the kids. She’d probably end up in the hospital with an allergic purple rash the size of Texas.

Graham leaned over her. “Okay Trixie. Open wide for me. There may be a slight pinch, but I promise I’ll be as gentle as I can. You can close your eyes if you need to.” She did just that. The mental picture that played out behind her eyelids was relaxing indeed. Graham putting his hands on either side of her face. Gazing into her eyes. Drawing her close. Whispering her name. Gently kissing her…” 

“Ahhh…” Trixie sighed loudly. 

Graham chuckled. “That’s got to be the easiest injection I’ve ever given.” 

Trixie’s eyes flew open. She couldn’t see Graham’s mouth but his eyes were crinkled at the corners, so she knew he was smiling. She dared to glance at Korkie, who was rolling her eyes dramatically. Why did the dental assistant have it in for her, anyway? 

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Sheree said...

Having Trixie be allergic to the sleeping powder is a good touch. People do develop allergies to things they handle in the course of their jobs.


Pam S (pams00) said...

what a fun excerpt. thank you for sharing! looknig forward to finding out more about the book

dor said...

Light and funny. I love it.
Thanks. Looking forward to finding this one of the shelves.

dorcontest at gmail dot com

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