Saturday, October 30, 2010

Film Review: Life As We Know It

My friends dragged me to watch a movie, saying that "all work and no play makes Carole a dull girl." Well, that's not the kind of play I was exactly hoping for, but anyway...the movie did take my mind off work and its myriad worries for a couple of hours. It was laugh-out-loud funny in a lot of places and the toddler was sweet. The story dealt with the joys and troubles of parenthood with a comic touch (so, it's probably much harder than it looked), as well as the budding relationship between the two lead characters who originally couldn't stand one another.

The best thing the film had going for it was the eye candy. Eye candy for the guys (Katherine Heigl) and eye candy for the girls (Josh Duhamel and Josh Lucas). Yay for girl power! Coz we got two gorgeous guys to drool over. Josh Duhamel even paraded naked! Thought that would catch your attention. Sorry, he had something on that covered the really interesting parts. LOL (as you can see in the poster for the movie)

Great acting all around, but in my opinion, the toddler stole the show! :)

I needed a few laughs, man candy to drool and sigh over, a decent storyline that's easy to follow, and this movie fits the bill perfectly. Two hours well spent, and with good friends to boot. (Note: The two hours included going to and from the cinema, so the actual movie hours is less than that.)

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