Friday, December 10, 2010

FEATURE and GIVAWAY: In the Company of Vampires by Katie MacAlister

Book Interview with Katie MacAlister on December 2010

Q: Who are the Dark Ones and why is it important for them to find that woman who is their Beloved?

Dark Ones are my take on vampires: dark, tormented men who can be redeemed only by one woman. They came about after I was possessed with a need to write my own version of vampires?I picked some of the aspects of typical vampire lore that I liked, such as the need to drink blood to survive, an aversion to the sun, and a dark nature, and then twisted it around and added a few other elements, such as the ability for a woman to redeem the vampire's soul and make him whole again. They also all have a pretty good sense of humor, something I found lacking in a lot of darker vamp books.

Q: What was your inspiration behind the series?

When I was a brand new baby author at Dorchester, one of the ladies who took me under her wing was Christine Feehan. I adore Christine, and loved her vampire books, and one day, I told her I wanted to write my own version of vamps, and duly tottered off to do just that. There are lots of subtle Christine references in the books, in gratitude for not only her friendship, but her Carpathian stories that got me writing my own paranormal books.


ITCV is a bit of a reunion book in that it brings into the adult world characters from two Young Adult Dark Ones books that were published five years ago...

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IN THE COMPANY OF VAMPIRES is available at Amazon (print, Kindle).

Katie MacAlister is giving away 3 copies of LOVE IN THE TIME OF DRAGONS!

Mechanics of the contest:

You can do either or both of the following to enter the drawing:

1. Post a comment or question to Katie in the comment box in the review site (link) (2 chances to win) from now to December 31, 2010; AND/OR
2. Check out the contest page for the book LOVE IN THE TIME OF DRAGONS from December 6 to 14, 2010 to enter your email address (1 chance to win). Click on this link.

The winner will be announced in the comment box on January 2.

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