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FEATURE and GIVEAWAY: Inside Out by Lauren Dane

Book Interview with Lauren Dane in December 2010

Q: What prompted the idea for the Brown Siblings' series?

Originally I'd planned to write a book with three interconnected novellas, one for each sibling. But when I started writing Erin's novella (Book 1 in the series, LAID BARE), I knew her story would be too big to do justice to in 30K words.

I'd always planned to give each sibling a story, I wanted that Seattle connection. I love it here, love the art and music scene and I wanted to try to capture that flavor in this series. And then Ella just needed her HEA and who better to give it to her than Cope?

Q: In INSIDE OUT, I noticed that once again the heroine is a survivor. And this time, it's someone fans of the Brown Sibling series will recognize--Ella. What drew you to using females who had survived different forms of harm at the hands of men?

First and foremost, each woman in the series is a survivor. They've been through some rough times, rougher than many can imagine, but they all came back from it and refused to let life beat them. For Elise (heroine of Book 2, COMING UNDONE), it was her child and her need to give Rennie a better life. Rennie was her reason for getting up every day until she could make it about herself. For Erin, it was her family, and for Ella, it was her way of thumbing her nose at her ex.

I love the strength of each woman in the series and that's really the core of their character. I didn't write them to have issues, it's just that everyone has issues in one way or another and these ladies have been dealt a far bigger challenge than most. All kinds of people deserve a HEA!

Q: Cope, the hero, has been the background playboy up until now. What prompted his change?

Without a doubt, it's Ella. She sees him straight to the bone. He can't NOT be Andrew with her because she wouldn't allow anything else. He loves that, appreciates that...

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INSIDE OUT is available at Amazon (print, Kindle).

Lauren Dane is giving away a copy of any book in her backlist, including INSIDE OUT!

Mechanics of the contest:

You can do either or both of the following to enter the drawing:

1.Post a comment or question to Lauren in the comment box on the review site (click on this link) (2 chances to win) from now to December 31, 2010;


2. Check out our contest page for INSIDE OUT from December 15 to 17, 2010 to enter your email address (1 chance to win).

The winner will be announced in the comment box on the review site on January 2.

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