Wednesday, February 16, 2011

FEATURE and GIVEAWAY: Caressa's Knees by Annabel Joseph

Book Interview on February 2011

Michelle: *raises eyebrow to give Kyle the evil eye* Well, from what I hear it wasn't quite that pretty. I can understand you want to keep the down and dirty private, but admission is the first step, my dear.

Kyle: Oh, you mean?oh. Yeah. You're talking about the alcohol, cocaine, and loose women. Okay, yeah, that part of it was pretty ugly. I was fighting a lot of demons during that time. Unsuccessfully. I was working through the trauma of watching Nell and Jeremy ride off into the sunset, and then the guilt about shooting Nell's assailant, and guilt about a lot of other stuff I did as his assistant. It was a lot to deal with at once.

Michelle: *puts hand over his and pats in comfort* Hun, why didn't you fight for Nell? Why did you just sit back and watch her be swept away?

Kyle: You know, I think even then I knew there was no point in it. It was obvious from the start that she was lovesick for Jeremy, and Jeremy?well?I knew him better than anyone, and I knew how much he loved her even before he did. He would have fought me tooth and nail for her, and he would have won. They belonged together. A lot of the arguing and sniping I did with Nell was just my frustration about that fact...

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Annabel is giving away a copy of CARESSA'S KNEES, winner's choice of print or ebook!

Mechanics of the contest:

You can do either or both of the following to enter the drawing:

1. Write a comment or question to Annabel in the comment box on the review site (3 chances to win) from now to February 28; [Click here to comment]


2. Check out our contest page from February 16 to 18 to enter your email address (1 chance to win). [Click here to enter]

The winner will be announced in the comment box and on this blog in March.

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