Thursday, February 10, 2011

FEATURE and GIVEAWAY: Lust by Charlotte Featherstone

Book Interview on February 2011

Hi Charlotte, thanks a lot for taking time for this interview!

Q: Sins and Virtues -- what a unique idea! How did you come up with the idea for this wonderful series?

Well, thanks! :) I knew I wanted to write a series based on the Fey, and I wanted it to have a bit of a fairytale feel. The easiest way to begin, I thought, was to start out with a curse--so common in fairytales! I knew I wanted the series to be primarily about the Unseelie Fey because they were always the fairies that interested me most.

My family is Scottish and my gran used to tell us stories of the fey all the time, and threaten us with them when we didn't want to stay in bed! Lol! I was always intrigued by the darkness of the 'bad' faeries, so I decided to go with them.

I can't quite remember how the sins and virtues came along. It just filtered into my mind while I was brainstorming, and voila, I didn't look back!

Q: What goes into deciding the order of the books? What made you ultimately decide to do LUST first?

I suppose it didn't really matter who I started with, because I could have tailored future events to suit the remaining Sins, but Lust, he was always there, and I had this great visual of him turning into mist, and weaving his way into that perfume bottle! :) Ultimately, I knew that he would be fun to start off with, and his virtue, Chastity would be a good framework to introduce the virtues.

Their story is not very angsty, which I'm mostly known for in my books, and because it's a first book in a series, and the world building needed to be there, I opted for Lust because I knew their conflict was a tad lighter than the later sins who have much more baggage to carry around...

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Charlotte is offering an awesome giveaway – a print copy of LUST!

Mechanics of the contest:

You can do either or both of the following to enter the drawing:

1. Write a comment or question to Dianne in the comment box on the review site (3 chances to win) from now to February 28; [Click here to comment]


2. Check out our contest page from February 9 to 11 to enter your email address (1 chance to win).

The winner will be announced in the comment box on the review site and here on the blog in March.

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