Thursday, November 1, 2012

From Karen Rose Smith

Every writer is facing the "new" world of publishing which includes the e-reader world. I've often had readers   ask me for copies of my first novels, but I couldn't provide them when they were out of print. With the books  that rights have reverted, I now can. Suddenly writers and readers have been thrust into a digitalized world and there is a huge demand for ebooks.

When I set out to e-publish my re-releases, I thought I'd just have to learn about reformatting, nuclear pption, the style requirements of each digital publisher and finding an artist to develop a new cover. But after I uploaded my first two published novels whose plots revolved largely around a non-tech world (1992-93), I  started reading the rest with a different eye. I decided to update them. The basic plots were still universal and, to my surprise, timely! But, of course, the technological advances were missing. When I wrote these books, cell phones weren't common. We were listening to tapes not CD's. We watched videotapes not DVD's. So I went through my reverted backlist titles with an eye to making those changes­ along with a few others I found along the way. A former English teacher can never stop editing.


This book has always been special to me for many reasons. The subject matter, a trauma make-up artist helping clients, was important to me. This novel takes place over the Christmas holidays which evokes emotion­rich memories. Besides all that, this book that I believed in so completely had several lives.

ABIGAIL AND MISTLETOE was originally bought by Meteor/Kismet and scheduled to be published. It was one of those books that turned me inside out when I was writing it. But Meteor never had the chance to publish it, although they bought it. The company folded. When I learned what was happening, I bought my rights back. I believed in this book that much. A few months later, Silhouette bought it to publish as a Special Edition. Years after it was published, readers would comment on or remember this book. So when I had the opportunity to get my rights reverted from Harlequin, I jumped on it. I indie-published all the other books with rights that reverted to me. But ABIGAIL was special so I decided to do something different with it. I sent it to Samhain to see if it would be accepted for their Retro Romance program. They liked the book and contracted for it.

I will be as excited to see it published again as I was the first time. I wanted to share its story with you because many of my readers might remember it. I wanted to share its story with you because this is one of those books that just keeps on me and to my readers.

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