Thursday, December 24, 2009

REVIEW: Hunter's Need by Shiloh Walker

ISBN 978-0-425-23150-0
Series: Hunter Series
(c) December 2009, Berkley Sensation, Penguin Group

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"Well-written, Hunter's Need is a fascinating tale of vengeance and a race against time"

Psychic Analise Morrell stumbled upon a mystery up in Alaska where she lived, where the ghosts of murdered girls battered at her psychic shields. She didn't know why they chose to disturb her, but something in the mountains made her uneasy, which prompted her to call the Hunters for help.

The Hunters are a group of special men and women with extraordinary powers that help them right a terrible wrong. Hunters include psychics, witches, weres, vamps, shifters, etc. However, although Ana is a psychic, her powers aren't strong enough for her to become a Hunter.

She didn't expect the assigned Hunter to be Duke Lawson, the shifter she betrayed years ago when she lured him into the clutches of a feral vamp. Though he was later rescued after undergoing unimaginable torture, Ana was forever swamped with a conflicting mix of desire and guilt with the certainty that Duke hated her.

For his part, Duke could understand Ana's motivations for her betrayal, though he couldn't agree with her methods. He was mostly angry at himself for what he deemed was foolishness on his part, for being so clouded with lust for her that he wasn't aware she was leading him into danger. Foolish because he still lusted after her so many years later and despite what she'd done to him.

Shiloh Walker has written a fascinating and horrific tale of ghosts seeking for vengeance against their killer and the characters' race to identify him before he killed another girl. The world is also a fascinating one, with the concept of a powerful group of men and women battling evil forces in the world and trying to make things right, kinda like the X-Men. That said men and women also have their own personal issues they should go through make it intriguing. Though Hunter's Need is generally well-written, especially toward the end, the story didn't quite resonate with me, maybe because the characters didn't quite click with me.

The reason may be because some of the characters' actions didn't seem logical to me. Like, there's this scene in the middle of the book, when Duke arrived in Alaska due to Ana's call for help, and they met for the first time in a year. I would've have thought they'd discuss the case first since that was the reason for his being there and the reason she called for help from the Hunters, but no. They had to indulge in their lust for one another. And this being Ana's first time, Duke wasn't even gentleman enough to do it on the bed. No, the floor is fine, because he's in a hurry. Well, that, and maybe because he didn't care enough about Ana, since she betrayed him, so she deserved to be uncomfortable. I'm sure that's not how the author meant to portray it, but that's the impression I got.

This is the first book in the series I read, so that may have a bearing on the level of my enjoyment of this book. However, although the book does refer to things that has happened in the past, which I assumed were detailed in previous books, the author did a good job of highlighting the events without info dumping and drawing you right into the heart of the conflict.

Rating: 3 stars

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Carole said...

Actually, I kinda like this story, except for the ghost part. I still get chills whenever I fully imagine the scene, so I don't. Anyway, I thought the initial tension between the two main characters was actually well done. Up to when Duke arrived in Alaska. Then, he suddenly started understanding her motives and justifying her actions, thereby giving him a reason to get up close and personal with her. I thought that part needed more work, like showing him experiencing some catalyst that caused him to have this insight into her previous actions.

Shiloh Walker said...

Thanks for the review...I'm sorry the story didn't entirely work for you.

Silver @ TRR said...

@Shiloh Walker Yeah, me too! But maybe it's just this series. I'm willing to try your other works. :) For example, Her Best Friend's Lover sounds right up my alley. I love best friend to lovers story. I'm gonna go get this one.

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