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Top Picks for 2nd Half 2009

Since we're just starting, it's not all that hard to come up with our Top Picks for the 2nd Half of 2009. Most are reviewed by Silver, who is really a prolific reader and reviewer. (That would have come out so much better if I weren't the one writing this. LOL) So, anyway, on to the top picks:

The writing flows, and I was charmed by the first part of the book and let's face it, mainly by Julian, the hero.

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No doubt about it. I love, love, love Leo Marsden. The way he loved Bryony is inspiring, and their story is soooo romantic. Love the last paragraph.

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This story is short, wildly romantic and sweetly poignant.

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Love the way Alexandra Ivy was able to draw you into her world and not letting go till the last page. I was also fascinated by Jagr. Yummy hero! Not to mention his vulnerability touched something in me. Why are we women always such suckers for men in need? LOL


Amy C said...

Hi Silver,
I've only read Duke of Shadows from your list. I loved that book too. Read it when it first released. There are two really great scenes in the second half of the book that were memorable!

I'll be working on my list soon. I'm getting behind on things!

Silver @ TRR said...

Hi Amy, would love to read your list! Re the 2nd half: Really? Oh, yes, I love the last part when they made love again, when Emma was "healed". Is that what you're referring to?

Technically, I love the entire book. I mean, I understand why Meredith Duran wrote the 2nd half that way and in a way, it's logical. But what happened was I didn't like Emma that much, and I guess that colored my outlook on the 2nd half of the book.

But Julian, of course, I love love love all throughout. :)

Amy C said...

I didn't have the same feelings as you regarding Emmaline in the second half. I don't think I really ever find myslef not liking characters :). But the two scenes, I actually have wrote down. The first one is on page 311, when Julian says to Emma "Yes means no. No means yes. Do you understand me?" and then Emma says, "No, no I understand." "Do you want this?" Julian asked. "No,"she said! Oh man, I thought that scene was just amazing. The whole yes means no and Julian allowing her her need to remain distant from him.

The other scene was near the end on page 359.
"Julian, you looked for me in Krunaul. You looked for me in Alwar. Where else did you name? Lucknow. Agra. Bartpur. Have I forgotten any?"
"Several," he said, and his finger ran over her bottom lip. "But you know that."
"Yes, but there is one city in particular I never heard you name. You never named London.
"No," he said softly.
"I thought you had not found me here," she whispered. "Or I thought you would not want me, as I am now. But you did find me here. Didn't you?"

Oh, I love both those scenes. Gave me that all over tingly feeling and made me tear up. I did cry in the beginning of the second half. I had to stop reading for awhile. Just discovering that Julian agreed to marry his mistress made me so darn emotional! But I was pleased to read quickly enough that he ended things as soon as he discovered Emma was still alive.

I loved that book!

Silver @ TRR said...

Amy, I know of those two scenes you wrote of! Re the first scene, yes, it did strike me too, at the time I was reading. But it didn't have the same impact on me. I guess I was too busy breezing through it and missed it. Now, I have to go back and read it again! Slowly, this time. :)

And the second scene, yes, I loved that too! In fact, I also wrote it down. Love the entire meaning behind the conversation. It's actually the first time I was moved to quote conversations in my reviews. That's how good I found the book.

I know what you mean about Julian. I loved that he still loved Emma and was so patient with her. I loved that conversation he had with Emma's cousin wherein he listed all of Emma's bad characteristics, and just when the cousin was about to get into a huff to defend Emma, Julian said that he loved her. I just about melted.

With regard to characters, I do find myself not liking some, not a lot though. At least, Emma, I loved from the start, just that the sentiment changed along the way. There are some which I can't stand from the first page and that colored my perception of the whole book. Usually, when that happens, I won't be able to go on reading. That has happened to me once and made me sad. Another book where I didn't like the characters but found the worldbuilding fascinating was My Forbidden Desire, so I skimmed it instead.

Amy C said...

I think when I'm reading, rather than not like a character, I ask myslef, "What was the author thinking to write the character doing this or acting like that??" LOL If I can get past the discrepancy than I continue reading and if not, well, it's another book for the DNF pile.

I didn't read My Forbidden Desire, but I did try to read the first one, My Wicked Enemy. I liked it up until I became completely lost. I'm not sure what happened but it seemed there was another male added to the h/h's relationship or something. I don't even know. Maybe I just wasn't into reading that particular book at the time, but I was quite confused! LOL I wasn't following it very well :).

Silver @ TRR said...

That's a good one, Amy. Maybe I'll try asking myself that question next time. :)

DNF's, yeah, we all got those, I think. DNF's hurt because of the money I forked out to get it and then not to get the satisfaction and enjoyment I was looking for.

Maybe I'll write a post about my DNF's one time. :)

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