Thursday, February 11, 2010

REVIEW: Entwined by Fate by S.A. Price

ISBN 978-1-60767-077-3
Series: American Ophidians, Book 1
(c) 2010, Tease Publishing
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"A fabulous world about sexy snake shifters, action, adventure and romance!"

Elise Rizdon has long believed her mate John Merrick to have perished fifteen years ago while on a mission. But missing women and an evil cult threatening the American Ophidians' existence brought him out of hiding and into her life again. Having made a life for herself all these years, Elise didn't know whether she dared trust him once more and risk having her heart broken all over again.

S.A. Price created a fabulous, believable world about sexy snake shifters (ophidians) and the evil that stalked them. Action and adventure, subterfuge and political machinations peppered the entire book. Elise's position, for example, as Archon (leader) was undermined due to the appearance of John Merrick, leaving her with conflicting feelings about his re-emergence from the dead, not the least of which was betrayal at his long silence.

The main romance centered around Elise and Merrick, with two secondary romances featuring their "subjects". I felt that the book at 144 pages (uncorrected ARC) was too short to give justice to the development of the romances, especially the secondary ones, which didn't feature much conflict, or if there was, it was solved quite easily. Another issue I had with the story was how easily the main villain (Christof) perished and not even at the hands of the good guys (no satisfaction for the reader after the build-up throughout the story). Even the ensuing possibility that he might not be dead and then was confirmed so was done in the background. Nevertheless, I find myself caught up in the story and rooting for the good guys, hoping they'll be able to defeat the bad guys in time to rescue the missing women.

Rating: 3 stars

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* Note: The review copy was supplied by the author.

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Sunny G said...

snake shifters, wow! never read something like this before. gotta try this.

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