Friday, February 12, 2010

REVIEW: The Man by Mechele Armstrong

ISBN 978-1-60737-486-2
Series: Settler's Mine, Book 5
(c) December 2009, Loose Id
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"Sexy and sizzling hot, full of emotions and angst"

Years ago, Colton left Michipi on Settler's Mine for reasons of his own, despite the fact that she was his mate. Now, with another mate (Larkin) in tow, he's come back to claim her. Having her heart broken when he left, Michipi didn't dare believe Colton's promises again and it seemed her worst fears came true when, in giving her and Larkin time to bond, they couldn't find Colton anywhere afterwards...

Mechele Armstrong writes sizzling hot intimate scenes with the emotional development to back it up. Though Michipi felt betrayed by Colton's leaving years ago, deep within her, she still loved him and longed for her mate. Thus, his re-appearance rendered her with conflicting emotions, especially when she realized he'd found another mate on his travels. I like that though she was eventually convinced with his good intentions when he left her before (I won't reveal why so you can enjoy the story), she was understandably hurt and doubtful when he disappeared once again. Michipi, as a heroine, is strong yet flawed, and her deficiency is one which we can all empathize with as love brings with it the heights of ecstasy and the lows of uncertainty and doubt.

Overall, the story is enjoyable, with its mix of romance and action. I haven't read books 1 to 4 of this series and this in no way detracted from my enjoyment. That said, I would've loved to know more about Larkin. He is refreshingly simple about love and how a mate should behave and I think, naive, because some things cannot be so easily forgiven and forgotten.

Rating: 4 stars

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* Note: The review copy was supplied by the author.


Katrina said...

I've been following this series from the start. I think book 1 is one of the first menages I've read and it got me hooked. I go crazy if I don't have my quota of menage stories and I have to blame Mechele Armstrong for that. LOL

Mechele Armstrong said...

LOL Katrina. I'll take the blame! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the Rivals and you're following my series. Means a lot to me.

Mechele Armstrong said...

Thanks so much for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed the Man.

Silver @ TRR said...

Thanks for dropping by, Mechele. I really enjoyed your story and looking forward to more from you!

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