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REVIEW: Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James

ISBN 978-0-425-22674-2
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Lawyer Romance
(c) March 2009, Berkley Publishing Group

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"Witty and laugh-out-loud funny! Not to be missed!"

Julie James pens a novel that is witty and laugh-out-loud funny with engaging characters who battle out the ongoing war of the sexes in the courtroom and elsewhere.

Payton Kendall works hard and wins every case as she tries to make partner in the firm. However, she has a good competitor in the person of J.D. Jameson, the man who has his office across the hall from her and with whom she could barely exchange a civilized word. For the last eight years, it has been thus with him, as each tries to get one over the other. When they were asked to work together on a certain case, they discover nice things about each other and their relationship was on the first step toward changing for a different one. But all bets are off when they learned only one of them will make partner.

Payton is a competitor to the core. She never backs down, thinking that she's only a woman or some such nonsense. She believes her capabilities are equal to that of J.D. and that she deserves to be made partner. Yet, she is at the same, feminine. She's an irresistible heroine for women everywhere.

For his part, J.D. believes in the saying "one good turn deserves another". As a competitor for the position of partner, J.D. is no slouch. He's a formidable lawyer who's won every case, and he works very hard, even staying into the night in the office. And because of his overflowing work schedule, he does date occasionally, but he's not the playboy or rakish hero that we read about in every other book. It's a refreshing change.

Though the story plot (and the resolution of their dilemma) is an old one, Ms. James was able to write it in a way that felt new and unique. I find myself laughing out loud (I did already say that, huh?) at their antics several places in the book, and their internal monologue is just priceless.

Ms. James presents opposing views about a woman's position in the employment opportunities aspect in the two characters. I never saw it before from J.D.'s point of view, that because an applicant is a woman and because the employer wanted to be politically correct, she may get the job even if there's a man who's as equally qualified. As J.D. said, "Men have to be twice as good at what they do to remain competitive in the workplace. Women just have to stay in the race." Not that I agree, but it did make me look at things from another perspective.

There is one thing I did find exception to. Aside from the fact that we never did find out what J.D. stands for, J.D. has this ongoing issue with his father. And it's to prove himself to his father that he could make it on his own that J.D. wanted to be made partner on his own merit (his father's a judge). However, after the first half of the book, we didn't find mention of his father again, not in J.D.'s internal monologue nor did his father make an appearance. I don't know if I read too much into it or maybe it's just the usual parents-will-always-disapprove-of-what-their-children-do, because I kept expecting a resolution with his father toward the end that never came. Despite that, I enjoyed Practice Makes Perfect so much Ms. James is on my auto-buy list. In the meantime, while waiting for Something About You (which I pre-ordered!), I can amuse myself with Just The Sexiest Man Alive.

Rating: 5 stars

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Ooh, love lawyer romances. I'd have to get this!

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