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SNEAK PEEK: The Man by Mechele Armstrong


ISBN 978-1-60737-486-2
Series: Settler's Mine, book 5
(c) December 2009, Loose Id

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Blurb from Publisher's website:

Colton returns to Settler’s Mine searching for his mate who he’d abandoned years before. He’d been on his way earlier, but once he and Larkin mated, they couldn’t keep their hands to themselves and it delayed his trip.

Michipi has made a new life for herself at Settler’s Mine and doesn’t want to trust Colton again, no matter how sincere he seems. Especially with his new mate receiving all the perks of the heartstone glow that she never got.

While Michipi enjoys being the subject of being two men’s desires and what they have to offer, however good they both are she can’t get past Colton’s past betrayal and denies the future of their mating. When an old enemy resurfaces to make an attempt on Colton's life, Michipi is forced to realize that she needs both men in her life. But has the knowledge come too late, and at too high a cost?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practices, menage (m/m/f with homoerotic content). 

Exclusive Excerpt (provided by the author):

"You look delectable." Larkin set down his bag and started over to her. 

"Doesn't she?" Colton's eyes ate her up. He'd hardly been able to stop touching or talking to them since the ordeal. It was as if he'd been about to lose all that he wanted. That had made life that much sweeter. 

For her too. 

"What did you bring back?" She stood up from the chair in front of the mirror. The room had a dresser, night table, and a mirror over a second smaller table. A bed. Mustn't forget the bed. 

"Some fruits. Pasta." Larkin stopped and went back to the bag. "You must be starving." He dumped the contents on the dresser. 

She was. "You guys must be too." 

None of them had eaten in a while. 

Colton's low voice almost startled her. "I'm only hungry for one thing." His stormy, passionate gaze rocked her. 

She met his stare. "What's that?" 

"Both of you." 

Her heart skipped several beats. "Oh?" 

He nodded. 

"Oh." She closed her eyes for a second as swirling emotions overwhelmed her. She wanted to be the source of such passion for them both, and apparently she was. She'd never expected to hear it announced like this. So blatantly. 

Larkin grabbed a fruit from the dresser and moved to the table. He pulled out a knife and started peeling. 

Colton stared at him with a frown. "What are you doing?" 

"Getting ready." Larkin didn't pause in his actions. 

"For what? A feast?" Colton's voice snapped. He was on a thin trigger. They all were. 

She smoothed down her skirt so that the wrinkles didn't show as much. "Maybe some food will do us all good." Her stomach twitched. If she'd be able to eat anything. She was suddenly nervous, and the food seemed a good way to put off the inevitable. 

Colton's face fell, but he nodded his assent. Blew out a breath and straddled a seat nearby where Larkin worked. 

Larkin grinned. "I think we can combine some things." He motioned with a finger to Colton. 

Colton's eyebrow rose. 

She gasped with the dawning of comprehension. Surely he didn't have in mind what it seemed? At least to her? Her mind must be wicked to be going down this path. Must be the influence of Colton and Larkin. 

Larkin finished peeling the large red fruit. "It's a Darjeeling. Sort of tastes like an apple if you've ever had one. But it's much softer. Pliable." He slowly wound the knife around the middle. "It does have a core, though." He cut out the entire midsection, making a perfect hole in the fruit. "Where certain things will fit." 

A large hole in a large fruit. 

Where certain places of a man's anatomy would fit perfectly. 

"You've got to be kidding me." She ran a hand through her hair, which remained down. 

Colton looked back at her. "I don't think he is." He blew out another fast breath. "He's inventive. You'll find that out." 

"I'm not kidding." 

She looked to Larkin as he began peeling the second fruit. "You want eat.that.from." She couldn't bring herself to say the word.

***Adult Warning*** Only those 18 years old and above may continue to read.

"Our cocks? Yep, I do." Larkin grinned again. A full-bodied one that curved his whole face. "It will get you some food and get us a blowjob." He waggled his eyebrows at both her and Colton.

Colton shook his head and shrugged at Michipi. A light smile graced his lips. He stood up and began undoing his pants. His cock would be free momentarily.

Her mouth went dry. She'd get to see him again. Larkin too. And get to taste. She tittered. She'd only given oral sex a couple of times with Colton a long time ago. Would she remember how?

She was going to do this. Have two men at the same time.

Her mates.

The men she couldn't go wrong with.

Her body drooped in relaxation.

Colton took off his boots and dropped his pants.

Yeah, he was as big and hard as she remembered. Beautiful. Dripping. And she'd soon be tasting

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