Monday, August 9, 2010

Exclusive Peek: Alaska Bride on the Run by Kate Bridges

How did I get the idea for ALASKA BRIDE ON THE RUN? Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always fantasized about running away, changing my identity and pretending to be someone else. That's my adventurous side – no wonder I became a writer. It’s exactly what my heroine does, Willa Somerset, when she runs away from Montana to Alaska to become a bartender.

When I visited Alaska and the Yukon to research this series, I decided that this part of the world is one of the most romantic I’ve ever seen. It’s a combination of things – the beautiful coastline where mountains dip into the ocean, incredible wildlife, and surprisingly, the fragrance of the air, which is a combination of mountain wildflowers, trees, salt breezes and sunshine.

When I researched further, I was intrigued to discover that during the Yukon Gold Rush when this book takes place, women worked in a variety of jobs that were traditionally male – from casino owners, store owners, newspaper journalists, to gold miners. Willa has to do some convincing with the owner of the tavern, Harrison Rowlan, but he does hire her as his bartender. She does a remarkable job at serving drinks and handling unruly customers, while he tries to keep his eyes off the beautiful woman behind the bar. Ha! 

Summary from Amazon: 

When he advertises for a bartender, Harrison Rowlan doesn't expect a woman in a torn wedding gown to apply! He couldn't save his own wife, but he's determined to protect this damsel in distress.

Willa Somerset desperately needs to find safety, and the sleepy Alaskan town of Eagle's Cliff seems like the perfect refuge. Only now she's in danger of falling for her knight in cowboy boots and denim.

Available now at Amazon.


dor said...

Well, that was great. I was intriguedby this post. Nice story.
Happy Monday Everyone.

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Darlyn said...

Apply a job with a torn wedding dress? Wow..that sounds pretty cute ;p

Carole said...

Thanks for this interesting tidbit, Kate!

Pink Panther said...

Hm.. Lovely! Thanks so much! :)

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