Friday, August 13, 2010

The Dark Side: Shelley Munro

The Dark Side aims to shed light on that deep, dark, mysterious side of an author, a face that she rarely, if ever, shows to the public. What secret is she hiding behind that enigmatic smile on her official photo (if any)? what juicy tidbit is she keeping from the world? What are some of the things that she liked, things we would never know, because it's not part of her bio? 

Remember, think dark, dark, dark...

Do you believe in ghosts and supernatural phenomenon? Have you ever had a close encounter? Do tell us about it. 
Yes, I believe in ghosts. My husband and I went on a working holiday in Britain. During our time there we worked in several old pubs. The last one we worked at was The Goat Tavern in Kensington. It was almost opposite Kensington Palace. We’re all convinced there were ghosts there. We didn’t hear strange noises, but some weird things happened. A couple of the guys sleepwalked in the early hours of the morning. They both did the same thing. They went to the upstairs bathroom, put the plug in the bath and ran the water. This happened on about three separate occasions. The funny thing was only the guys who sleep walked. The girls were wiser and stayed asleep in their beds! 

Imagine that for some reason, your lights suddenly went out! What would be the first thing you’d do or say? 
LOL – this one’s easy. I’d elbow my husband to fix the problem. If I was alone, I’d probably find the torch and think about investigating. No way am I going down to the basement on my own though! 

Are you afraid of the dark? Why or why not? 
I’m not usually too bad, although when my hubby isn’t at home, the noises all seem louder.  We used to have a little dog and I’d let her stay inside when I was on my own. I knew if she barked  the noise was worth investigating. Unfortunately, she died last year so I can’t count on her to protect me. 

It’s funny because we go for a walk after dinner every night. Since it’s winter here in New Zealand, it’s dark around 5.30pm. Recently the nights have been cold, but the skies clear and the moon full. The stars are just beautiful. People are missing out. 

What television series featuring dark themes did you enjoy the most? Why? 
I’m a big Supernatural fan mainly because Dean and Sam are so easy on the eye… LOL – no, that’s not the entire truth. I think they do really interesting storylines and the show features unusual supernatural creatures. The show’s writers obviously do a lot of research. Some of the episodes are plain spooky and I sit on the edge of my seat.

What dark-themed books do you enjoy and would recommend? Why?
 One of my favorite authors is Keri Arthur and her Riley Jenson series. Riley is half werewolf/half vampire and she grows a lot throughout the series. I have the ninth and final book in the series on my to-read pile. Keri Arthur has done a wonderful job and each book seems better than the last. If you haven’t read this series before I highly recommend it. 

Lightning Round.

white or dark chocolate : White
milk or coffee : Coffee – definitely. I need my coffee.
night or day : Day – I’m not a night person at all, but I enjoy getting up early and enjoying the peace of the morning.
coke or 7-up : Neither! I’m not a soda person.
New York cheesecake or black forest cake : Cheesecake
vampire or werewolf :  Werewolf – all that blood would have me fainting right away!
football game or candlelit dinner : Football game
ebook or print : ebook. I love the instant gratification.
spring or autumn : Spring. It’s my favorite time of the year and it’s almost here in New Zealand
sweet or salty : Sweet. I have a terrible sweet tooth
kitten or puppy : Puppy – I like to take a puppy for walks
cook or take-out : Cook – my hubby’s an awesome cook. 

Shelley Munro's TIGER BY THE TAIL is now available at Ellora's Cave (ebook). This title is also included in the list of giveaways for our ongoing contest.

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Sara said...

Great interview! I also love cheesecake and spring. I'll have to check out Keri Arthur's book! :)

J.A. Saare said...

Great interview!! :) Shelley, you have some of the most fantastic covers! I love them.

Carol L. said...

Hi Shelley,
I love the cover for Tiger By The Tail. Beautiful. And I absolutely love the Winchester boys, especially Dean. Jensen Ackles is a cutie for sure.Enjoyed the interview.
Carol L.

Julia Smith said...

I'm only just now starting to watch Supernatural - not because I wouldn't love it, but because I knew just how much I would love it! Sam is the sweetie for me, but Dean cracks me up, multiple times per episode.

dor said...

I loved this post. I have to check all this out. I agree. The covers....very nice.

dorcontest at gmail dot com

Shelley Munro said...

Sara - if you love paranormal romances, you're in for a treat with Keri Arthur's books. Her Riley Jensen series is just awesome.

Shelley Munro said...

Hi, Jaime. Thanks for stopping by to visit. I do have some amazing covers. All credit to the cover artists. They take my rather vague ramblings and convert them into beautiful covers.

Shelley Munro said...

Hi, Carol,

Supernatural has finished in NZ or at least the current season. They left Dean and Sam in BIG trouble. I hope they can manage to win over the baddies. And I have to agree. Jensen is a cutie. :)

Shelley Munro said...

Julia - I sort of envy you just starting at the beginning of the series. I swing back and forth over which Winchester brother I like best. :)

Shelley Munro said...

Dor - thank you. I'm glad you like my covers. If you have time to visit my website you'll find lots of other pretty covers too.

jeanette8042 said...

Fabulous interview and I love the lightning round!

Shelley Munro said...

Thanks, Jeanette. :)

Darlyn said...

That is pretty interesting. And I love Supernatural too. Too bad our TV network here stops at Season 3. =(

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