Monday, August 2, 2010

Whittling the TBR (1)

Silver and I have been racking our brains on what meme to contribute to the blogging community. There's already In My Mailbox hosted by The Story Siren, Waiting on Wednesday by Breaking the Spine, On My Wishlist by Book Chick City, Blog Hops by both Parajunkee and Crazy for Books, and I'm sure there are other wonderful memes we haven't yet discover.

And we don't want to repeat.

Then our glance bounced off the mountainous TBR in my room...and we had a brilliant idea...But it's brilliant only if a third party applauds by commenting or hopping on to this meme's bandwagon. *hint, hint*

So...we present before you--

grab the following code for your

Whittling the TBR is an event hosted by The Romance Reviews every Tuesday, and aims to decrease the TBR pile one book at a time. The purpose of this event is two-fold: 1.) to help book lovers tackle their ever-growing TBR pile as part of a community effort, and 2.) to bring not-so-recently published books to light.

Reading is a solitary event, but let's do it together!

Pick out a book (or two) that's been languishing in your TBR pile for six months or more with the intention to read (and finish) it this week. You may pick a print book, an ebook, or an audio book. The length of the book doesn't matter. On the last Tuesday of the month, we'll have a Whittling the TBR Brag Day wherein we'll give a mini review of the books we've read or a full review, if that's your preference. More on that at the last week of this month. Attendance is completely voluntary at all the event days.

The book I chose for this week is

Accountant Katie Kramer is a quintessential good girl - working hard, recycling diligently, all the while trying to ignore the feeling that she doesn't fit in anywhere. That's all she wants. Well, that - and amazing sex, and the kind of daredevil escapade she can look back on when she's crunching numbers in a dusty cubicle. Which explains why she just took a job in Wishful, California, working for Wilder Adventures and Expeditions. Waking up to find a magnificently built stranger towering over her bed - that part defies explanation...

After wandering the planet for months following a life-changing accident, Cameron Wilder has come back to the only home he knows. Under other circumstances, he might be thrilled to find a gorgeous woman sleeping in his cabin, but now, while he'll risk his body taking clients on adrenaline-drenched excursions, his heart is off limits. Still, Katie's killer smile triggers something deep in his gut...among other places. Showing her how exhilarating it can be to stop balancing her life as if it was a check book is the biggest rush he's ever felt - and an adventure Katie's wishing would never end...

Still available at Book Depository (print). (10% off and free international shipping!)

The book Silver chose for this week is

Description from author's website:

Four centuries ago, Irena and Alejandro would have succumbed to the need smoldering between them — if a demon and a monstrous bargain hadn't shattered the possibility of love. Torn apart by shame, Irena avoided Alejandro for centuries — until a vampire's call for help throws her into his arms again.

Alejandro can control fire, but he's never been able to control — or quench — the flames between him and Irena. And he knows Irena, hardened by her hatred for demonkind, will never accept that he now works at a demon's behest. But even as he fights for a second chance, a shocking betrayal and a deadly prophecy shake the foundations of the Guardian universe, and all Hell threatens to break loose...

Still available at Book Depository (print). (30% off and free international shipping!)

Mechanics of Whittling the TBR meme:

1. Grab the button up there and place it in your Whittling the TBR post.

2. Put your blog name (the name of the chosen book in parenthesis) and the URL of your Whittling the TBR post in the appropriate Linky fields.

Blog Name: The Romance Reviews (Instant Attraction and Demon Forged)

3. Check out as many blogs listed as you can and leave encouraging comments, especially if you've read the book before. This is a good way to meet more people. Moreover, conquering a mountain, not to mention several mountains, is a community effort!

4. If you want to show the link list, just follow the link below the entries and copy and paste within your post under "HTML".

5. Non-bloggers can also join in the fun! You cannot leave the blog link field blank nor can Linky accept duplicate links, so I'm sorry non-bloggers, but you'll just have to leave your intentions in the comment section. Please leave an encouraging comment in the original post at The Romance Reviews for the non-bloggers. For Whittling the TBR Brag Day, we may allow non-bloggers to make a guest post review at The Romance Reviews! Those interested, please send an email to caroletrr(@)gmail(.)com, preferably within these two weeks so that we can work out a schedule.

6. Because this is the first time, we'll be opening the meme for 3 days, until August 5, 11:59pm EST.


Sunny said...

What a wonderful idea! This is so exciting! Okay, I wanna play. I just don't have a blog. My book is Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione.

aromagik said...

This is a great idea! I just posted my blog link. :>]


Diana (Book of Secrets) said...

Great idea! My TBR shelves are overflowing with books I've had longer than 6 months. Right now, I've got a stack of new books for review that I have to get through. After I finish those, I will definitely participate your new meme!

Diana ♥ Book of Secrets

Blodeuedd said...

Sounds nice, I must join in one day :)

gamistress66 said...

clever idea -- way to go! and the good (slightly scary - that's some pile of books, but good).

Carole said...

@Sunny @aromagik Great going, ladies! We'll see that TBR pile decrease yet!

@Diana @Blodeuedd Welcome you both to join one day! :)

@gamistress66 Maybe I should've called it Conquering the TBR Mountain. LOL

Erotic Horizon said...

Ok - I had to read it three times to make sure I understood the mission....

I like it alot... and will take part, but mine will be posted with my Monday booky post....

Hope that's OK....

I am trying to do mini reviews, so this will help me catch up on the backlog of reviews that I have to do...

Great idea hon...


Carole said...

Hey, E.H> Sorry if my post is rather long-winded. I do tend to beat around the bush, my bro said. LOL Yup, sure, it's fine. If you want, you can link to your Monday booky post. It's not an easy meme to do, for sure, but well, anyway, it's to help me with my TBR as well, so I'll just go right ahead with it. :)

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