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Exclusive Peek: Tiger By The Tail by Shelley Munro

From Shelley Munro:

Tiger By The Tail is the ninth book in my Middlemarch Mates series. Those of you who are familiar with my series about feline shifters, living and working amongst humans in the small country town of Middlemarch, will know it’s a real town. Middlemarch in the South Island of New Zealand has a shortage of marriageable women, just like my books, and they hold an annual dance to attract women to the town.

The first book in the series, Scarlet Woman, introduces us to Emily Scarlet who attends the dance to find a man for a single night of pleasure. By the end of Scarlet Woman, she has fallen in love with the oldest Mitchell brother, Saber. What you might not know is that Emily Mitchell is the only series character to make an appearance in every Middlemarch book. She’s there in books one to eight, but something big happens to Emily in Catnap. It tears her world apart and sends her into deep depression. Although she’s mentioned in my latest release, Tiger By The Tail, she doesn’t actually make an appearance or have any dialogue.

Emily and Saber Mitchell are the only characters who have two books. Blue Lady, book ten (due out on 11 August 2010) features their follow up story.

(Warning! Explicit Material below) 

Exclusive Excerpt: 

Ambar froze, muttering an apology around Jake’s cock. Double holy crap. Her canine teeth had popped into prominence. She could feel the faint ache in her gums, her feline pushing her body to complete the shift to tiger. Ambar placed her left hand on the mattress and curled her claws into the fabric, focusing on remaining in human form. Tension simmered inside her as she wondered what to do next. She could hardly stop, not when she’d offered in the first place. One thing was clear—she needed to get him off quick so she could leave, or at least get away from Jake before he saw her claws and teeth. And would he notice her tongue had become rougher than usual?

Using a combination of hands and her mouth, she worked harder to get him off, relieved when he started to rock his hips, pushing his shaft deeper into her mouth. Her usual enjoyment in Jake and his sexy body had faded with the attempted takeover of her feline. On automatic, she moved her head faster and mentally urged him to hurry. He was close—she knew it. Even as the thought entered her mind, he gave a raw, guttural cry and climaxed in her mouth. Ambar swallowed automatically and carefully licked him clean, trying to act as usual even though her mind screamed at her to get the hell out of his presence.

"Babe, that is a brilliant way to start the morning." He dragged her from beneath the covers and hugged her tight, running his hands through her long hair. Ambar turned her face into his chest, concentrating on holding her human form. He dropped a kiss on her shoulder then sighed. "I'd better get moving. I have a long day in front of me. Is it okay if I take the shower first?"

Normally, she’d insist on sharing the shower. Not today. "You go ahead. I might laze here." The stupid canines made her words emerge with a strange lisp. Thankfully, Jake didn't seem to notice.

The moment he left the bedroom, Amber leapt from the bed and scrambled into her clothes. She couldn't seem to get her nails and teeth to return back to normal. Still barefoot, she hurried down the passage, the scent of coffee becoming stronger as she neared the kitchen.

"Good morning," Hari said without turning away from the stove. "You timed that well. The scrambled eggs are almost ready. I've made extra."

"Hari," Ambar said urgently.

Something in her voice must have alerted Hari to her alarm. He removed the eggs from the heat and turned to face her. She bared her teeth and held up her hands to show him her fingernails. The beginnings of black claws protruded above her fingernails.

"They won’t go back." One whiff of Hari’s scent and her body went into high alert. She battled an inappropriate urge to rub against him and, in desperation, moved to the other side of the kitchen. Panic filled her as she fought the change to tiger. "What do I do?"

"Has it happened before?" Hari moved closer, concern in his brown eyes.

"Never. Don’t come any closer," she blurted finally in desperation. She was running out of room to retreat, and his scent was driving her crazy. Worst of all, she was a hairsbreadth away from jumping him. Her sharp claws dug into her palms until the faint scent of blood drifted up to her.

"I'm not gonna bite," Hari said, his English accent holding a trace of irritation.

Ambar rolled her eyes. Men were so slow, so dense sometimes. She decided to spell it out for him, halting her flight. Instead, she prowled across the kitchen to him, letting her need blaze across her face. "It's you I'm worried about." 

Summary from Publisher's Website:

Middlemarch Mates, Book Nine

One plus one equals three.

Tiger shifter Hari Daya takes one look at Ambar Patel's photo and is smitten. Further research heightens his fascination. An arranged marriage would work, except the lady isn't buying and tells him to take a hike.

Ambar is already involved with human Jake Quinn. Casual pleasure and lovin' works best for her since she dreams of traveling the world and delving into new experiences. The frisson of heat and desire she feels for Hari is unacceptable. There will be no tiger mate for her.

Jake Quinn has no idea either his lover or his new friend are shifters, but there sure as hell is something weird going on in his head. As much as he enjoys sex with Ambar, he's thinking about Hari too. Suddenly there's kissing and togetherness way past his comfort zone. The slide into sinful pleasure with both Hari and Ambar is easy-it's the relationship dynamics that give them headaches and make them wonder if they're making a huge mistake.

Available now at Jasmine Jade (ebook).

Note: This title is included in the list of giveaways for the ongoing contest.


Julia Smith said...

It's hard enough dealing with a potential new love interest, but when shifting gets in the way, what's a gal to do?

Loved your excerpt, Shelley.

Carole said...

Shelley, thanks for this post! Fab excerpt. I'm sooooo tempted to go and buy. But that would mean buying from book 1 right? Right?

Wrighton said...

Wow, sizzling prose, another Author to ad to my library, Thanks for the reviews.

Shelley Munro said...

LOL Julia - Ambar certainly has some difficult decisions to make.

Carole - I'd love you to start at book one, but the truth is I've worked really hard to make each book a stand alone. If you start from book one you'll be able to follow all the characters and understand how they fit into the town of Middlemarch. You can purchase this book and read it without becoming confused. I have readers who have started mid-series.

Shelley Munro said...

Wrighton - thanks!

Lindsey said...

I loved the excerpt! Normally I hate starting in the middle of a series, but I might make an exception for this book. I also love that they're tiger shifters; it's not one of the feline groups you often see played out in shifter novels.

Shelley Munro said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpt, Lindsey. I promise this is a stand alone story. :)

Tigers are my favorites too.

Erotic Horizon said...

You know I am hating you - I am so not pleased with you and these excerpt...

Now I have to go check out the other books in the series.

Thanks hon...

Carole said...

@EH Hmmm...Shelley should thank me, methinks. LOL


I haven't read any of your books. Good excerpt.


stacey said...

I love shifter books and this looks like a hot one.and i love the cover art

Beth said...

I've read this whole series. Love it. Can't wait for Blue Lady. Want to see Emily get better.

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