Monday, July 19, 2010

Exclusive Peek: Position Secured by Olivia Brynn


The working title for Position Secured was Francotirador, which is the Spanish word for sniper. The heroine Marienna Valdez is a Mexican-American woman who has some bi-lingual thoughts. She also bakes a caramel cake, about which I wrote in the midst of a tenacious caramel craving.

Exclusive Excerpt:

She squealed beneath his tickling hands. “Okay, okay. I’ll make dinner, but you owe me dessert.”

“Mmm.” He sent his tongue deep into her mouth, licking her tongue like it was a melting Popsicle. “I know just what I want for dessert.” He pulled her upright and handed her his T-shirt. “Just that. Nothing else.”

She didn’t argue. The fabric held his scent and draped over her skin, brushing her nipples. He nodded his approval, then pulled on his boxers.

She threw together a stir fry. Marc wasn’t much help in the kitchen. He followed her around, kissing her neck, grinding his hips into her ass, and asking, “Can we have dessert yet?” She thought he might lose it when she actually did put a gooey caramel cake in the oven while the water boiled for the rice.

“Smells delicious.” He wrapped her in his arms from behind. She covered his hands with hers and took a moment just to indulge in his presence. This wasn’t going to last. She needed to enjoy it while she could.

By the time they finished eating, side by side, perched on stools at the kitchen island, Mari was squirming with suppressed desire. His not-so-innocent touches and winks were one thing, but the message behind his eyes was another. She’d never met a man who could turn her on with just a look. Her hands even shook when she put the dishes in the dishwasher and brought out the cake.

“It needs to cool.” She threw the potholders on the counter and turned to face him. His eyes had narrowed. No wonder she felt naked. He’d undressed her from across the room. Perhaps the shirt didn’t cover her derriere as well as she thought. Especially when she bent over the open oven door. “You look hungry.”

“I am. Come here.” He gave the empty stool beside him a little pat.

She sauntered around the kitchen counter. She swore she could feel the heat coming off of him the nearer she got to his nearly naked body. She adopted her sassiest tone. “I told you, the cake has to cool.”

“Screw the cake.” He gathered a handful of his T-shirt and dragged her between his knees. Her hands automatically came to rest on his thighs.

“Hmm, that might be interesting.” She grinned.

“We’ll have the cake after dessert.” He deftly reached behind her and lifted her legs over his until she sat on his thighs. She loved how he handled her, without straining or groaning. She might as well weigh ninety pounds. “Your skin is so soft. You feel like warm silk.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever been with someone who enjoys my body as much as you do.”

He ran a finger down the crease of her thigh and teased her opening. “Stupid motherfuckers.”

She flushed with pleasure. He wove a web of seduction around her, drawing her closer to him, and she was powerless to resist. By the time their lips met, she already had hers parted, her tongue reaching for his. She nibbled his lips, she licked his teeth and she breathed his breath.


“Thank you for dinner,” he mumbled.

“Time for dessert?”

Summary from Publisher's Website:

She’s dead-set against him. He’s dead certain he can change her mind…

Marienna Valdez has a cop allergy. Their cocky, superior attitudes never fail to turn her stomach. How fitting that her reward for enduring a perfectly sucky work week is a traffic ticket from one who’s on the kind of overblown power trip she learned to hate when she was growing up surrounded by boys in blue.

But now she’s finally home, where she prepares to take the edge off with a well-deserved self-love session. Just as she gets settled in with her favorite toys, though, what should come barreling through her bedroom door but…another cop!

SWAT team sniper Marcus Pearson doesn’t need detective skills to figure out just what he’s interrupted. If he can keep her quiet long enough to resolve the tense situation under her bedroom window, he intends to put down his rifle and take aim at her aversion to the badge…

Available now from Samhain Publishing (ebook).

Note: This title is included in the list of giveaways for the ongoing contest.


jeanette8042 said...

I love the blurb and the excerpt made me want to read even more!

Jennifer Leeland said...

Somebody I know bought this book for the title alone. She raves and says it's awesome. I'll have to check it out!

Anonymous said...

I've got this book and it's great, if you're looking for a short, hot read. However, it does lead to a question, which is rather TMI. Hmm...maybe I'll do a guest post. Okay, off to ask if TRR would allow me to post it here. And since it's TMI, forgive me if I remain anonymous.

Silver @ TRR said...

I've read this, and my review coming soon! :)

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