Monday, July 12, 2010

Exclusive Peek: Honoring the Goddess by Madison Blake

Honoring the Goddess
By Madison Blake
All Rights Reserved
Genre: Erotic Romance, GLBT, Menage
Available from Ellora's Cave on August 13

Summary from Author:

Lissana was horrified to find she was still hot for Tragan years after she’d sworn off him, hating him for the way he dumped her sister.  Not only that, but he had even taken her childhood nemesis Dalin as his mate. But she couldn’t control the way her body reacts to both men, nor could she discount the ecstasy she discovered in their arms one sex-drenched night. Try as she might, she couldn’t avoid them, for the Goddess had grouped them together for the ritual that was supposed to bring her back to her people.

Tragan and Dalin themselves set out to batter down Lissana’s defenses every chance they get, because she completed their triad, the tribe’s opinions be damned. Not only would they not allow the dissident tribe members to tear them apart, but the triad may be the crucial key to honor the Goddess the way she wanted.

Note:  This book contains male-male bonding, three-way bonding with a female, and a scene with multiple partners.

Exclusive Excerpt: (Warning! Explicit material below.)

Mists shrouded Lissana, obstructing her vision. Even the light from the blue moon overhead couldn’t penetrate the thick fog. Yet she knew she had reached the middle of the Clearing and there was nothing to hinder her from dancing out her desires, her frustration and her confusion.

Unlike her dream, the music ringing in her head was wild and urgent and the drum beat loud and deep in her blood. She threw herself into the dance, shifting with untamed, jerky movements that were, strangely, still in rhythm to the forceful pounding of the music in her. She spun and leaped and twirled, her heart pumping hard to support her motions. She stomped her feet, digging her toes into the cool earth and luxuriating in the sensation of the porous soil, the life-giver. She waved her arms into the air, her body swaying, bending, gyrating.


She danced for Goddess knew how long and soon, she became aware of nothing but the music in her veins urging her onward, propelling her to continue dancing. Her movements flowed from one to the next. Time and space took on a surreal quality, as though she were dreaming and watching someone else.

Someone joined her from behind—a man, from his scent, feral and sharp. And another one came from the left—his odor gentler than the first and a little uncertain. Their musks were somewhat familiar, but she didn’t want to think who they could be. Tonight was for feeling, for getting lost in the dance. Her blood heated from their nearness and her soul rose in joyous abandon when they slipped into the dance as though they’d been there from the start and they picked up the rhythm as though they could hear the same music that she did.

She had never felt so alive.

The drumbeat increased in urgency, the music layering with subtle nuances.

The dance changed, becoming sexual.

Both men moved nearer and her breath caught at the scorching heat blasting her from two sides. Still, she didn’t stop dancing. The first man plastered his front against her back and he ran his hands down the sides of her body, learning her shape, then up again to cup her breasts. Desire lanced its way down to her pussy and she bumped her buttocks back against him, inviting him to grind his hard cock against her.

She moaned when he did, the lust spreading outward from the center of her pussy. A slight breeze blew, rustling the leaves of the trees that surrounded the clearing, the sound prodding them onward. Their dance became teasing and erotic, Man engaging Woman in movements as old as the land. Their breathing turned shallow, manifesting in small puffs of air in the mists. Though the night was cold, she was burning so hot she felt she might explode soon.

The man behind her played with her nipples as she continued her sinuous movements meant now to excite him. She tasted his raw need in the air and sensed the way his interest sharpened. His hips didn’t let up on the delicious slow grinding of his cock against her buttocks. Her hunger grew and built and spiraled, making her ache so much the pain was almost unbearable.

The second man stepped in front of her, his lanky frame slim in the moonlight. The taste of his mouth burst open the primal lust she’d thus far kept in check, which flooded her veins in an overpowering deluge. Her senses were magnified—every caress stirred her, every stroke incited her passion, every gasp and groan goaded the rhythmic slams of her buttocks against the man behind her.

Want more? Check out the Jasmine Jade website on August 13.

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Blodeuedd said...

Well that is one way to wake up in the morning, reading this :)

Barbara said...

Review very well written, well ... explicit, thanks!

jeanette8042 said...

This one sounds hot!

Madison Blake said...

Blodeuedd, I hope it woke you up but good. LOL

Jeanette8042, thanks!


Now this just too hot. It always seem too hot with 2 guys.


Lea said...

LOL Great review, you've certainly piqued my interest!

Ellora's Cave does have some hot ones!

Thanks for sharing!

Carole said...

@Loretta Canton Yeah, menages are always hot, especially with two men. :)

Carol L. said...

That was more then an eye opener this early.I can't wait to read the rest. And 2 guys are always hotter. :)
Carol L.

Elie said...

(blushes) umm, you might want to make that warning sign a little bigger. lol, just kidding. That was steamy.

Carole said...

@Elie LOL Maybe I should plaster it across the whole post at the top. LOL

Sara said...

Whew, hot! *runs to get ice*

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