Tuesday, July 13, 2010

WINNERS: Erotic Emerald anthology and deck of cards

The moment you've all been waiting for....


Winners of Author Madison Blake's contest (in order):

1. Sara
2. Aromagik
3. Mystee
4. Carol L
5. Stacey


Winners, please email me at caroletrr(@)gmail.com your preference, the Erotic Emerald anthology or deck of cards, your full name and your snail mail address. Oh, by the way, we forgot to say that the books will be autographed by Madison! We'll try to match you up with what you want, but we can't guarantee anything.

Thank you to all the participants.


aromagik said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aromagik said...

My email to you bounced... I'll try again, or you can contact me at aromagik@gmail.com. :>]


Carol L. said...

Whoooohooooo, thank you so much
Carol L.

Carol L. said...

Email to you was returned because AOL said the email address didn't exist.Another blog said they were having trouble with emails being bounced by AOL as well.I'd love Erotic Emerald as I already have 2 decks of cards.If it's possible.
My email is Lucky4750@aol.com

stacey said...

My email to you did not go throu so can you cantact me about my win this is my e-mail
I would love the book already have a deck of cards that I won somewhere else.
Stacey Smith

Sara said...

Squee! First time I won anything.

Congratulations to all the other winners.

Carole, I'll try to email you and I hope it goes thru (in light of all the bouncing emails mentioned above).

Sara said...

Oooh, I was so excited I pressed the submit button without finishing my comment.

I just wanted to add "Thank you!"

Carole said...

I'm very sorry, people. It has come to my attention that my email address is wrong, which is the reason for all the bouncing emails! So very sorry!

My *correct* email address is caroletrr(@)gmail.com

Elie said...

Congrats winners!

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