Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Dark Side: Ava Gray

The Dark Side aims to shed light on that deep, dark, mysterious side of an author, a face that she rarely, if ever, shows to the public. What secret is she hiding behind that enigmatic smile on her official photo (if any)? what juicy tidbit is she keeping from the world? What are some of the things that she liked, things we would never know, because it's not part of her bio? 

Today, we have with us AVA GRAY, author of SKIN TIGHT. She's also ANN AGUIRRE, who wrote the famous Sirantha Jax series.

Remember, think dark, dark, dark...

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you? 
I was run over by my own car and nobody was driving it. 

Do you believe in ghosts and supernatural phenomenon? Have you ever had a close encounter? Do tell us about it.
Yes, and yes. I actually grew up in a haunted house. Suffice to say the incidents were well documented, and describing them all would constitute a guest blog. 

Please share one deep, dark secret from your childhood/young adulthood.
I was kicked out of the gifted program because I had problems with authority. 

How did you overcome a particular dark time in your life?
I realized I had been given a second chance and I needed to make the most of it. 

What did you learn from the dark time/s you’ve experienced?
That we make our own opportunities and our own happiness. 

Who is your favorite dark character? Why?
My character, Taye, from Skin Dive. You'll find out why next year.

Lightning Round

white or dark chocolate :  neither
milk or coffee :  coffee
night or day :  night
coke or 7-up :  diet coke
New York cheesecake or black forest cake :  black forest cake
vampire or werewolf :   neither
football game or candlelit dinner :   neither
ebook or print :  both
spring or autumn :   autumn
sweet or salty :   sweet
kitten or puppy :  kitten
cook or take-out :  delivery

Ava Gray's SKIN TIGHT is now available at Book Depository (print). This title is also included in the list of giveaways for our ongoing contest.

Ava Gray's other titles:

Skin Game
Skin Heat

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dor said...

I enjoyed the interview. I believe in ghost too because I have experienced them, as well.
Thanks so much for shaing.

dorcontest at gmail dot com

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