Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Dark Side: Elisabeth Naughton

The Dark Side aims to shed light on that deep, dark, mysterious side of an author, a face that she rarely, if ever, shows to the public. What secret is she hiding behind that enigmatic smile on her official photo (if any)? what juicy tidbit is she keeping from the world? What are some of the things that she liked, things we would never know, because it's not part of her bio?

Today, we have with us ELISABETH NAUGHTON, author of ENTWINED, who regaled us in a previous post with some fun facts about her book and an exclusive excerpt.

Remember, think dark, dark, dark...

Imagine that for some reason, your lights suddenly went out! What would be the first thing you’d do or say?
Holy Sh%$! It’s kind of my go-to phrase when anything jumps out at me (or when the lights go out). You’ll find that phrase somewhere in all of my books. Funny story...when my son was in Kindergarten we got a phone call from the school because he’d said a bad word in class. It was Christmas time, and the teacher had put all the kids on the carpet in a circle. She was discussing holidays and said the word “holy”. My son – without listening to what came next – piped up from the carpet with “Sh%$!” to finish the phrase. When we got the phone call, my husband looked at me and said, “That one is TOTALLY your fault.” And it was. (I have since curbed my swearing, though, after my author copies arrived, said son pointed out there are bad words in ENTWINED that start with “sh”.)

What is the one thing fans wouldn’t know about you unless you tell them?
I don’t like scary movies. Can’t stand anything gruesome for the sake of being gruesome. Saw movies? Ick, no way. Also don’t like to be truly scared. The Ring? The Fourth Kind? Had nightmares for days. I like unexpected twists and battle scenes, but I need to know everything’s going to work out in the end.

Who is your favorite dark character? Why?
Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings. He counts, doesn’t he? Mysterious, moody, alpha and just plain sexy (especially the Viggo Mortenson version!)

What movie featuring dark themes did you enjoy the most? Why?
The Lost Boys. I was a huge fan when I was a kid. Which is funny because I’m not a huge vampire fan, but there was something about this movie that I absolutely loved. I think it was the combination of darkness, danger and humor intermixed to keep things from being too scary.

What television series featuring dark themes did you enjoy the most? Why?
X-Files. One, I loved Mulder. Two, I loved the way he interacted with Scully. And three...I never knew what to expect from that show. Kept me on the edge of my seat!

Lightning Round.

white or dark chocolate : Dark
milk or coffee : Tea (Can I say that instead?)
night or day : Night
coke or 7-up : Diet Coke
New York cheesecake or black forest cake : Oh, this is hard. Either!
vampire or werewolf : hm…I’m undecided. Depends on WHICH vampire or werewolf
football game or candlelit dinner : football game (though I do love a good candlelit dinner!)
ebook or print : print
spring or autumn : autumn
sweet or salty : sweet
kitten or puppy : puppy
cook or take-out : take-out

Elisabeth Naughton's ENTWINED is now available at Book Depository (print). This title is also included in the list of giveaways for our ongoing contest.

Elisabeth Naughton's other titles:
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Sara Yasmin said...

Your son sounds so cute! And I love Mulder too!!! Though I don't like the way he looked these days. A bit gaunt, isn't he?

Sara Yasmin said...

Oh, great interview, by the way. I've been wanting to say, that I love these dark side posts. Some things authors chose to reveal were real intriguing.

dor said...

Great interview. I remembered that fact that she doesn't like scary movies from the last post. I memory is not the best. Thanks for the great read.

dorcontest at gmail dot com

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