Sunday, September 19, 2010

REVIEW: His At Night by Sherry Thomas

ISBN 9780553592443
Genre: Historical Romance
(c) May 2010, Bantam

Rating: 4 stars

Available at Book Depository (print).

Elissande Edgerton is desperate for a way out of her situation, where she and her aunt are oppressed by her uncle, and the only way out presented itself in the form of the Marquis of Vere. She'd learned to hide her true feelings and wit and intelligence all her life behind a smiling face, never guessing that the facade Vere presented to the world was but a mask as well.

The story started out slow for me, probably because the author has to set the stage where Elissande would first be taken in by Vere's facade and vice-versa. Because the point of view jumped from Elissande to Vere to Elissande to Vere and so on after a page or two of each scene, I thought the tone of the first few scenes was a bit awkward and disjointed. The scenes where Vere acted the fool for Elissande's benefit were hilarious though. The story, however, engaged my attention from the scene after their hasty wedding. But it started to get real interesting when Elissande realized Vere was merely pretending to be an idiot.

Elissande is the picture of the woman of her time, where a woman doesn't have power or money, and her only escape lies in making a good marriage. When she thought she was wed to the idiot Vere, she resolved to be a good wife to him. Perhaps her resolution was because she felt remorse for entrapping Vere into marriage (to escape her intolerable situation), or perhaps it was just what women of her times did--make the best of her marriage, no matter that her husband wasn't whom she really wanted. Still, there's strength in that, and I admire her for it.

Vere, however, disguises his spy work for the Crown behind the face of a fool. Which is something you don't see often, if at all, in historical romances. Spies are usually dashing and sexy and sharp. Not so Vere. His disguise is that of a bumbling idiot whom no one takes seriously, but when he dropped his disguise, as he had done unconsciously at times in Elissande's presence, his sharpness is revealed, along with a speaking tone that is hard and cutting. I was afraid I'd be bored or worse, disgusted, by Vere when he's in idiot disguise, but I have to admit the author wrote his scenes particularly well, making him quite interesting during those times.

Their romantic development could've done with a touch more romance, but the ending was to-die-for. I absolutely love the picture of the man who suddenly realizes he couldn't live without the heroine, then panics and goes off to chase after her. Totally satisfying. *good sigh*

Book Summary: 

Love is hottest in the darkness before dawn.

Elissande Edgerton is a desperate woman, a virtual prisoner in the home of her tyrannical uncle. Only through marriage can she claim the freedom she craves. But how to catch the perfect man? 

Lord Vere is used to baiting irresistible traps. As a secret agent for the government, he’s tracked down some of the most devious criminals in London, all the while maintaining his cover as one of Society’s most harmless—and idiotic—bachelors. But nothing can prepare him for the scandal of being ensnared by Elissande. 

Forced into a marriage of convenience, Elissande and Vere are each about to discover that they’re not the only one with a hidden agenda. With seduction their only weapon—and a dark secret from the past endangering both their lives—can they learn to trust each other even as they surrender to a passion that won’t be denied?


aromagik said...

Great review - very helpful! :)


dor said...

I enjoyed the review, as well. I find that when a beginning in slow, I keep reading and am happy I did so.

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Blodeuedd said...

Nice review, I just love thsi yellow cover

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Wow it sounds pretty hot!!

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