Saturday, September 18, 2010

REVIEW: Perfect by Kate Richards

ISBN 978-1-926771-71-7
Genre: Contemporary Romance
(c) September 2010, Breathless Press

Rating: 4 stars

Available at Breathless Press (ebook).

Kate Richards pens a sweet, engaging tale tale about love at first date.

Due to failure in past relationships, Rachel was tired of the dating game, and she'd just about given up on love. However, her mother and friends gave her a one year membership to a dating service,, as a birthday present. She didn't want it, preferring to have shoes instead, but knowing she would disappoint them if she didn't, she signed up and listed the most impossible items she wanted in a guy. Surprise, surprise. It was not long before sent her the profile of a guy. But was he her perfect match?

Rachel is the life of this short story. She's funny and pragmatic and real, an ordinary average woman like you and me, suffering from the same insecurities and hopes upon seeing a guy that she likes. Quinn, who is unbelievably gorgeous, came across as a nice guy, but he has sharp eyes and he's smart. The romance was sweet and believable, though the certainty of Rachel's feelings for Quinn was rather too fast. Still, I suppose there are people who knew someone was "the one" for them at first glance. The only flaw I saw in this story was that it was too short! I would've loved to know more about Rachel and Quinn as characters, and to read more of their story. Still, Ms. Richards is a great storyteller, and I'll be on the lookout for her other books.

Note: This copy was provided courtesy of the publisher/author. 

Book Summary:

Scarred from dating hell, Rachel never expected to receive a membership to from her meddling mother and co-workers on her birthday. To please her loved ones, she joined the Internet dating service, but on her terms and requesting the impossible—until she received a surprise: Mr. Perfect in the flesh.

Handsome, intelligent, Quinn Everby was everything a woman could wish for, if only Rachel could allow herself to give him a chance. Will she put faith in the site's choice, or will their encounter show Rachel that there is no "perfect partner"?


Kate Richards said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Rachel was lots of fun to write. My sister in law and her coworkers actually did buy a dating membership for a friend at their office and were the inspiration for my story. I understand the friend in question has met someone too.

Valerie Mann said...

What a nice review! Isn't it great when the reviewer "gets" your story just the way you intended?

Clarissa Yip said...


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