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Today, it is our pleasure and honor to welcome Lorie O'Clare to the blog. Congratulations on the release of PLAY DIRTY, which releases yesterday!

So, Lorie, please tell us about yourself. How did you go into writing as a career?

I've always written stories. When my boys were still babies, and I was reading more romance novels than I had in my entire life, I had the best of lives. But, it wasn't enough for me. I needed more stimulation. That's when I started taking my writing more seriously. Although I had three young boys, took care of them and our home, worked almost forty hours a week, I wanted to do more. Also, after reading book after book, I kept thinking I could write better.

So I started kicking out books. I wrote ten full length novels in under three years. Then I tried publishing, and this was without a computer in the house. I went to the library, found addresses and editor's names, read how they wanted their submissions presented to them, and started mailing out my books one at a time as I could afford postage, and printing costs. Often times I had to print the entire manuscript and mail it off to an editor. It would take three to six months for a response.

I received rejection letter after rejection letter for several years before Harlequin Super Romance offered me a bite. They told me they would likely offer a contract if I changed a few minor details in the manuscript I'd sent in. Unfortunately, shortly after that I went through a divorce. I never made those changes to that manuscript. A couple years after that I accepted a contract offer with Ellora's Cave. I still haven't published that original manuscript Harlequin requested almost ten years ago now.

You're certainly prolific! I’ve been to your website and saw that you’ve written a lot of books! How long have you been published? Who are the people who’ve helped you along the way? What advice can you give to aspiring writers?

I first published Pack Law, my first lunewulf book, in October 2003. In Her Blood Came out in January 2004, In Her Dreams in March 2004, (check out all the lunewulf books here: ) and it continues on like that over the years to the present. I don't feel as if I have a lot of books out. I've published 52 books in seven years of which 29 are now in paperback.

As far as those who've helped me along the way, the names are too many to mention. I have to give credit to Lora Leigh, who encouraged me to submit to Ellora's Cave and assured me writing erotic romance was not only lucrative, but a genre more challenging and rewarding than most believed, especially at the time. Needless to say, she was right on all counts. I don't remember how many editors I've had over the years but each one has brought something to the table I was able to walk away with, and therefore improve my writing. I've been very blessed with editors who not only were incredibly gifted, and helped me grow as a writer, but who also became very good friends of mine. Currently, Mary Moran, Monique Patterson and Peter Psenftleben, my three editors with the three houses I write for today, are all incredible people and very good at challenging me and making my books stronger, hotter, and better.

As for advice to aspiring writers, the big one, and I'm sure anyone who wants to write has already heard this way too many times, but it's important--don't ever give up! Being a published writer is challenging, requires perseverance, and is perfect for anyone who enjoys learning. Be willing to go the extra mile with your research, once you feel you have your book finished, read it again and dig even deeper, pull out more emotion and strive to make your plot sharper and tighter. There are some manuscripts I've rewritten five or six times before publishing them. Accept you'll never be perfect and don't ever quit striving for perfection.

Which of your series is your favorite? Why? Which is the easiest to write? Why?

That's a tough one. I always say my Nuworld series is my favorite and it currently isn't published. There are six books in that series and I've published those books twice and pulled contract twice. You can find all six books here:

With that said, I have many other favorites, too. I loved writing all of my werewolf series, the lunewulf, Cariboo lunewulf, and Malta werewolf books. My leopard series, owl series, and black jags were all a blast to write. I enjoyed shifting over to science fiction romance with my Sex Trader Series. It was just as much fun writing romantic suspense with my torrid love series, my FBI Sex Crime books, and the few stand alones I've written.

Right now, writing bounty hunters is absolutely blowing me out of the water. I am counting the days, hours and minutes down to the release of the first bounty hunter book, Play Dirty.

Which of your books seem to be a readers’ favorite? Why do you think this is so?

Interestingly enough, one of my best selling books over the years is In Her Nature, book three in the lunewulf series. Even today, over six years after its release, In Her Nature still sells very well. The reason for this is interesting, at least to me, is because I was warned by more than one person not to release this book. My heroine was a bad girl in the previous books. She was a tramp, made a lot of mistakes, got into trouble and had her head screwed on all wrong. I couldn't give up on her though. We've all made mistakes. She was young. And she had a right to come to terms with where she wanted to go in life and try and get there. I think readers enjoy reading about characters who are real, who aren't perfect, who have goofed up more than once, but who in the end, strive to be a good person.

Now, let’s get to your new Bounty Hunters series. What gave you the idea for this series? What was it that made you think, "Hmm, I'm going to write about bounty hunters"? How many books have you planned?

While writing the FBI Sex Crimes books I had a bounty hunter make an appearance in the story line. I think part of my writing style results in me stumbling upon heroes and heroines who are determined to walk along the path less traveled. My FBI guys were tough, took on challenges others wouldn't, stood up to authority and never cowered when a bad guy became really bad. But they were restricted by the laws of our land. Bounty hunters have a bit more freedom during their hunts. There are still laws, especially when they move from state to state, and each state having its own laws concerning bounty hunters, but bounty hunters don't have to answer to the higher up the way my FBI guys did.

The bounty hunters in the first three books in the bounty hunter series, Greg, Marc and Jake King, have hunting in their blood. They are a bit on the wild side, rugged, larger than life (literally--Greg is the shortest and he's almost six and a half feet tall), and never give up on a hunt, especially when it comes to tracking down their women.

There will be six bounty hunter books, three are written so far and I'm currently working on the fourth.

What process did you go through when you begin putting together a new series? What kind of research did you have to do?

Research varies from series to series. With the bounty hunters, I was lucky enough to interview three bounty hunters and learn how their lives are so much not like Dog the Bounty Hunter. I wanted my bounty hunters to be real. My assistant spent a lot of time digging up all the laws concerning bounty hunters, which as I mention vary from state to state. Some states allow bounty hunting and some don't. The U.S. is one of the few countries in the world who allow bounty hunting.

I interviewed two of the three bounty hunters prior to writing my first bounty hunter book. And we had a rather extensive file created about the laws of bounty hunting, what they commonly do and don't do, before I was half way through the first book. As I continue writing their stories, there is always research that needs to be done. Inevitably, my bounty hunters will lead me into a scene and I need information to confirm they are allowed to do what they want to do. My characters push the buttons and I have to stay on my toes and make sure they are hunting by the law. Bounty hunters tend to have the type of nature where the hunt becomes so important to them, laws get in the way. Fortunately their women stand with me in trying to keep them on the up and up.

Your first book in the series is Play Dirty. Out of the three King men, why did you choose to start your series with the father, Greg?

Greg King's story had to come first. And he's 45, and not ashamed to say so. He's in perfect health, is stronger than a pack mule, and with a body that is hard as steel. He's also one of the best bounty hunters in the nation. His reputation precedes him. But Greg lost his wife. Oh, she's still alive, but the two of them went their separate ways when Haley was determined to help bring down one of the most dangerous drug dealers in California. Greg didn't want her to do it. Haley wasn't going to cower to threats from a low life who was pushing drugs into grade schools, and both were so stubborn it broke them up.

It was necessary to show Greg and Haley reunite, rekindle a romance that began when they were in high school, and work through both of their stubborn natures so they could be together again. Their love story is so intense, so beautiful, and so touching I cried at the end of the book. I don't do that with every book I write, but I was bawling like a baby as I typed the last page of Play Dirty.

What made him the perfect hero for the heroine?

Greg and Haley King were apart for five years. Greg tried dating and Haley did the same. In spite of both thinking the other was being too stubborn and needed to come to terms that the other was right, neither could sever the love they felt for each other. When Haley's boss disappears, she knows Greg is the best hunter out there. She is pretty good herself, but she accepts it's more important to swallow her pride and go to Greg for help. Greg sees right away that Haley isn't in any way apologizing for leaving him. No matter how much the two of them try convincing the other they were right, their love for each other consumes each of them the moment they are together again. It's clear to everyone around them that the two were made for each other. And, in the end, even both of their bull-headed natures aren't strong enough to prevent the desire and passion from rekindling and resulting in one incredibly erotic love story.

Please share any insight about the characters in this series that you want readers to have that could help them connect better with the Kings, most specifically, Greg.

The first thing I would say is not to be intimidated by his size. He is about six feet, five inches, incredibly muscular, and therefore can appear to be a ruthless, and possibly dangerous man. Don't let looks deceive you. He is a large teddy bear. He has a heart twice the size of most men. And if you approach him in need of help, he will go the extra mile to take care of you, and make sure you are safe, protected, and whoever you want found, he will find for you!

Anything else you’d like to add?

Oh, most definitely! I love hearing from all of you and do my best to personally answer each email I get. Just be patient, please. You can reach me at My website is and I have two mailing lists, one on line where you can keep up on my latest releases and appearances on line and in person. Join that mailing list here: I also have a snail mail list. If you'd like to receive news about my books through the mail, please send me an email including your home mailing address. Just put "newsletter" in the subject line. I send out news about my books through the US mail a few times a year.

Also, I do sell my books on ebay. All three of my publishers have given their blessing to allow me to personally sell my books. So whether you're searching for some of my older titles, or want my latest release, you can go to and bid on my books, or if you prefer, I have "buy it now" auctions as well for those who don't have time to watch auctions to see if they've won. Each book I send out, I personally autograph to the winner of each auction. Postage is always minimal and I do ship worldwide.

Thanks so much, Lorie!

Now, for the GIVEAWAY!

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Brilliant interview ladies..

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Great interview! I'm also a fan of Lorie O'Clare, but I started with her FBI books and I'm so looking forward to this series, especially after reading the review.

My question for Lorie is...Would you say you've reached the pinnacle of your career? Or do you have a goal that you haven't reached yet? If yes, what is it?

Also, please note that although the above is 3 questions (there are 3 question marks after all), it's essentially just one question. LOL


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do you base ur characters off of people you know and have you ever considered putting a character from one of ur other books in a series like this one
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