Tuesday, June 8, 2010

REVIEW: My Lady's Pleasure by Alice Gaines

ISBN 978-1-60310-469-2
Series: Three Kinds of Wicked anthology
Genre: Erotic Romance, Historical Romance, Menage a Trois
(c) May 2010, Red Sage Publishing

Rating: 4 stars

Available in Red Sage Publishing (ebook).

"Hot, sweet and very romantic. Perfect love story to curl up with on a rainy day."

When Viking invaders overran Castle Randmead, Lady Josalyn had no choice but to surrender, not if she wanted to save what remained of her people. She didn't want to be attracted to the Viking leader Ulric, but he affected her in ways she thought only her ideal English prince would. To secure the holdings and the people's approval, Ulric sought to marry Josalyn, but he knew from the moment he set eyes on her, he's also attracted to her and wanted her in his bed.

But Josalyn was shy, a virgin and from her actions, showed that she wasn't particularly predisposed toward Ulric. Hence, when a traveling bard Trey offered his services with potions that would help Ulric win his bride in exchange for the pleasure of joining their marriage bed, Ulric couldn't refuse...

This story is part of the Three Kinds of Wicked anthology, where Trey, as part of his punishment, had to travel through time uniting lovers before he could be reunited with his own love, Sage. Though we see things from Trey's point of view only at the end, that part was written so well that I really feel for him, the hope that must sustain him in order to have the energy to go on making love matches for other people while his own love languished elsewhere. And though he gets to particpate in menages with the couples in all the stories in the anthology, I feel he is not happy and that he'd rather be with his love. (Yay! I just received the conclusion of this anthology, which is Trey's story in my inbox! Thanks to Red Sage for the review copy, and of course, to Carole who forwarded it to me.)

Josalyn is a true lady of the castle and we can see this in her relationship with her people and the way they looked up to her. No wonder Ulric sought to win her, but being a straightforward Viking, he didn't know how to woo her with romance. Yet, I feel she's a good match for Ulric, because when Trey tried to court her with romantic gestures, her reactions were very pragmatic, very like Ulric. Though she may think she wants romance, what she really wants is Ulric himself.

For all his brash ways, Ulric is rather sweet, especially when he displays his uncertainty with regards to his wife. He's also the perfect husband in that he sought to give his wife whatever she wants, to make her happy. So, when he thought she wants romance, he gave her Trey and his courtly ways. Now, who wouldn't want a hero like that? Two men to give you all the attention you need. Yum. The climactic scene toward the end was rather heartwrenching at the start for him, but it left him in no doubt who his wife really wants.

Alice Gaines writes a hot yet sweet historical romance about two people who fell in love and were right for each other, but needed to take a detour that would open their eyes to what they really want.

Available in Red Sage Publishing (ebook).

Note: This review copy is provided courtesy of the publisher.

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