Wednesday, June 2, 2010

REVIEW: Silent Blade by Ilona Andrews

ISBN 978-1-60504-574-0
Genre: Romantic Science Fiction
(c) 2009, Samhain Publishing
Ilona Andrews' website

Rating: 5 stars

Buy Link (ebook): Samhain Publishing, Fictionwise

For many years, Meli Galdes serves as her family's "unofficial" assassin, and she is a very good one at that. Her family's last assignment for her was to do away with Celino Carvanna, the man who has hurt her in the past.

When Celino saw her, he didn't remember her from the awkward girl he knew from before. All he was aware of was being captivated by her, and he would do anything to possess her.

I picked up this book on the recommendation of a friend, and I'm glad I did.

Though Ilona Andrews introduced a new world in this short read, the setting wasn't hard to understand, perhaps because it was patterned after the Mafia of our world, but it's more than that. The author gave just the right amount of description in order to help the readers understand the Kinsmen world, and she did it without info dumping or sounding tedious.

I also like her characters, especially Meli who is the quintessential strong woman, and who rose from the ashes of her vulnerability and past pain without turning hard, enabling me to sympathize with her. I like that Meli didn't immediately fly into Celino's arms when he declared his feelings for her, as had happened in so many books I have read in the past. To the end, Meli was her own woman, forged in the fire of her experiences and the situations life—or people—has dealt her. I have long wanted to read a heroine who's strong like Meli and this story didn't disappoint. I was expecting a twist, but when it came, I was still caught by surprise. It was brilliant and oh-so-right for this story. Get this book, and you won't be sorry. Suffice it to say, I'm looking forward to more books in the Kinsmen world.

Buy Link (ebook): Samhain Publishing, Fictionwise

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