Wednesday, June 9, 2010

REVIEW: Sex by the Numbers by Marie Donovan

ISBN 9780373794072
Genre: Contemporary Romance
(c) June 2008, Harlequin Blaze
Marie Donovan's website 

Rating:  5 stars

Available in Book Depository (print).

"Very romantic and a joy to read!"

I'm currently on a Harlequin Blaze craze, so here's my next one.

Former stripper turned accountant, Keeley Davis was hired to conduct a fraud examination at a friend's company, but in order not to sound the alarm to the culprit, who might know her, she sexed up her image in her position as the personal secretary to Dane Weiss, who was hired for the same purpose. From the start, when Dane first saw her in her frumpy attire, the two had the hots for each other and working closely as they did only made sure they could do nothing but give in to their attraction.

This book is a joy to read, being well-written, and Ms. Donovan's voice is engaging and fun and sexy, with humor appearing in several places in the book. The same can be described for her characters and their attitudes toward sex and life. No sexually repressed/falsely modest heroine here. Hey, it's a Blaze after all, and moreover, Keeley was a former stripper.

Oh, regarding that Blaze comment. It's been my impression that Blaze stories are hot, well, way hotter than a Presents or Superromance, for example. But I guess I've made the mistake of thinking the story's not so much romantic as sexy. Well, this book is both romantic and sexy.
Back to Keeley, she wormed her way into my heart and you can really feel her chemistry with Dane. Their relationship is how I imagined a true love relationship is like--lovers taking joy in each other's presence.

Dane is also one sweet and romantic hero. Many times during the story, I find myself wishing I was in Keeley's shoes! The things he, guaranteed to make a woman feel cherished and wanted. How could you not love a guy who said something like this to you: "You've haunted my dreams since we met, and I wake up to find reality even better."

I also love her cast of supporting characters, notably Lacey and Dane's mom. Lacey, Keeley's sister, is down-to-earth and sensible. I especially like the scene wherein she talked some sense into Keeley. However, I like Dane's mom even better. Though she only had two lines in the entire story and appeared only toward the ending, I love her warmth and ready acceptance of the girls. Wish I have a mother-in-law like that!

Harlequin category romances had always been a hit or miss with me. Blaze romances are more often than not, misses than hits. So I'm very happy to have discovered three Blaze authors whose romances--the characters, the plot, the sexiness, oh I should say the entire package--resonate with me. You all know about my Sarah Mayberry craze and now there's Marie Donovan. There's also Karen Foley, whose story, Flyboy, I also enjoyed a lot (review coming). I don't have auto-buy authors, but these three certainly made it to my "authors whose backlist I have to glom while waiting for new releases". LOL

Available in Book Depository (print).


BookJunkieGrl said...

I love Marie Donovan books but there hasn't been any new releases from her. Is she no longer writing?

Unknown said...

Hi Diana,

The latest book of Marie Donovan that I saw on Amazon is Royally Claimed:

I went to check her website and it seems it hasn't been updated as well. The "latest" news is about Royally Claimed, which was published in November 2011.

Anyway, hope you have some more backlist of hers that you haven't read, so you can still enjoy reading her books!


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