Friday, December 9, 2011

Industry News

Heartbreakers to newsmakers and everything in between.

The holidays have definitely slowed things down, but not completely:

A few weeks ago, the European Union started an antitrust probe on over Agency Pricing and just about everyone expected the US to follow suit. They wait is over. The Wall Street reports that the Justice Department has now officially stated that it has opened its own inquiry into e-book pricing.

If you're keeping score: it's the EU, the Justice Department, and several civil lawsuits that the Big Six (and Apple) are now facing in regards to the legality of Agency Pricing.


On the completely fun side of news:

Romantic Times has posted their December issue of Caught on the Cover. If you are unfamiliar with this fun feature, RT lists the celebrities 'caught' on the cover of newly released books.

Finally, a terrific video by author Maya Rodale

1 comment:

Romance Reader said...

I always follow from RT's tweet to see their Caught on Cover! It's fun and interesting.

All the best!

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