Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Interview With Jennifer L. Armentrout

Today, we have Jennifer L. Armentrout on the blog, the author of Obsidian (Released 12/06/2011), a Young adult Science Fiction fantasy novel. She's also the author of  the Covenant Series. Please welcome her!

Thanks for having me! When asked to do a guest part, I considered interviewing myself. Yeah, I know.... weird, right? But there are some questions I never get asked. And some I always get asked. So I figured I'd have a little fun. And basically talk to myself. 

1.       If you were an animal, what animal would you be?
A T-Rex, because they’re pretty kick butt. RAWR! And who can take out a T-Rex? No one except a meteoroid. What? No one said the animal couldn’t be extinct.
2.    Who is one of your favorite mythological god or deity?
Loki- the Norse God of Mischief. You know he’d be good for shenanigans and entertainment.
2.      Do you believe in aliens? Honestly?
Yeah, I think it’s very egocentric to think that humans are the only intelligent life form in a vast, never ending universe. I just hope they look like Daemon and not of the ET variety. 
3.      How do you write so much?
A lot people ask this, and seemed to be shocked or in disbelief, but most days, I write 12-15 hours a day. Sometimes, half of those days consist of me just staring at my laptop and/or playing Super Mario Brothers online.
4.      What are you most looking forward to?
Dec 21, 2012  (heh)

Obsidian can be purchased where books are bought, plus at Amazon and Barnes and Noble online. The print and digital versions include three different points of view from Daemon Black, a character most people would love to figure out. 



Rachel Harris said...

Great self interview Jennifer :-) And dude, where are you playing Mario Brothers online? sweet . . .

Finally just started Obsidian and loving it!

Tracy March said...

Hi Jennifer! Loki sounds like lots of fun. How in the world do you write so many hours a day...impressive!

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