Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Alterant by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love

Interview with Dianna Love

Q: Yeah, that's what I love about her. There are hints that Evalle is so much more than what she is, with her being half Belador and half something else, and the mystery with her identity. I can guess exciting times are up ahead! What went into the creation of the character of Evalle Kincaid? Would we get to see a little more of who she is as the series progresses?

The mystery behind Evalle's background and the unknown part of her identity will be unveiled a little more in each book. We'll see her develop both personally and in how she handles the attention of several men in her life. Juggling her work, and the attention of all those guys is definitely not easy for someone who has never dated and who had a horrible, dark experience as a teen. She's much more comfortable kicking demon butt than making nice.

Q: In the first book, Blood Trinity, Evalle seemed to be taken with both Storm and Isak. Do tell us more about each of them! What traits do each possess that drew Evalle to each man?

Isak is former military and has a kill-on-sight order for his men when it comes to any non-human, but especially an Alterant. His best friend was killed by an Alterant who'd shifted into beast form. Isak doesn't know that Evalle is an Alterant, which means she has to walk a dangerous line with him sometimes, like when he kidnaps her for a dinner date.

Storm is another situation altogether. The head of VIPER wants Evalle off of his team, but can't get rid of her without a good reason, so he brought in Storm as Evalle's partner—because Storm can sense a lie as soon as it leaves a person's lips. But Storm is his own man and took an immediate interest in Evalle. While they work together on cases for VIPER, Storm has a lot of access to Evalle and doesn't waste a minute of that time.

Both men are alphas who care about Evalle in their own unique ways…then there's Tristan...
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